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Man attacks mom, grandma with knife
Kevin Wesley Cook

A 23-year-old Conyers man was arrested after chasing and attempting to attack his grandmother and mother with knives before being disarmed by his uncle on Jan. 25.

 Kevin Wesley Cook had reportedly gotten into an arguement with his parents the night before and had been kicked out of their home, where he was living, according to Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Investigator Michael Camp.

However, when Cook's 67-year-old grandmother, who also lived in the house, returned from working the night shift, she found that Cook had snuck back into the house and fallen asleep in her bed.

The grandmother notified Cook's 47-year-old mother, who was in the house, and the two women attempted to wake Cook up.

That's when Cook reportedly "flipped out."

"He runs into his room, grabs two steak knives, starts chasing (his) mom and grandma around with the knives," said Camp.

At one point, Cook pinned down his mother, who suffered a small cut to her hand, but she was able to break away.

The women called 911 and called Cook's uncle, who was just down the street.

When the 31-year-old uncle arrived at the house, he found Cook in the front yard. The two men faced off, with the uncle reportedly yelling at Cook to drop the knives.

The uncle attempted to throw a plastic lawn chair and then a small decorative bench at Cook, who still held onto the knives. The uncle then wrestled him onto the ground and was able to get one knife away from him.

"The uncle ends up punching him in the face and it knocks him unconscious. We arrive just after," said Camp.

Camp pointed out the situation could have gotten even more tense if there was a standoff between armed deputies and Cook.

"Luckily the uncle diffused the situation," Camp said.

Cook, who is believed to have a methamphetamine problem, was transported to Grady Hospital due to the head injury.

He was booked into Rockdale County jail eight days later and charged with three counts of aggravated assault.