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Man arrested with Xanax pills in paper
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A Decatur man went to jail last week for allegedly causing a drunken ruckus along Dogwood Drive while also unlawfully possessing 27 Xanax pills.

According to the Conyers Police Department's incident report, Michael Travis Towns, 32, of Decatur, was arrested at 11:!5 pm on May 31 on Dogwood Drive between Home Depot and the Hampton Inn. Officers allegedly witnessed Towns yell an obscenity, make obscene gesture and throw a beverage on a passing car while he was standing in the middle of the road.

Travis was reportedly mumbling and smelled heavily of alcohol when officers made contact with him, and a later search of his pockets revealed he was carrying 27 Xanax in a wad of paper. Travis allegedly claimed the pills were prescribed by his dentist but they were easier to transport in his pocket rather than an original container.

Travis was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, drugs to be kept in an original container, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.