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Man arrested in BB gun road rage incident

A man was arrested for driving with a suspended license and making terroristic threats after he pulled a BB gun on another driver during a road rage incident on Brown Bridge Road.

Last Saturday, July 11, 22-year-old Jerry David Ervin Jr. stopped while driving and confronted the man behind him, Camillo Dasilva, for driving too close, according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. Ervin then threatened Dasilva verbally, went to his vehicle, and returned with a firearm, which was later discovered to be a BB gun.

Dasilva followed Ervin to a residence on Fieldstone Lane in Covington and called the Sheriff’s Office. When deputies arrived, they found that Ervin’s license was suspended. He was arrested.

In a separate incident on Friday, July 10, 42-year-old Eric Elijah Thomas was stabbed at a residence on Baker Road in Oxford after an apparent argument over a debt.

Thomas was treated on the scene by paramedics for a superficial injury on his back, but refused to cooperate with deputies by revealing his attacker. He also refused to press charges or seek further medical treatment.