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Magnet students win Toshiba/NSTA Exploravision contest for region
Exploravision-regional-winners-Magnet-students-Karimah-Francis-and-Kristin-Nzerue-with-advisor-Jesse-Smith-and-Toshiba-rep-Greg-Lew-4-11-13-MK-IMG 4275
Exploravision regional winners Magnet students Karimah Francis and Kristin Nzerue with advisor Jesse Smith and Toshiba representative Greg Lew - photo by Michelle Kim

Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology freshmen Karimah Francis and Kristin Nzerue were chosen as regional winners for the Exploravision contest sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba.

Francis and Nzerue, under the guidance of advisor Jesse Smith, proposed the idea of a "touch screen mirror" that could measure biometrics such as body heat, weight, height, and other information. They presented their idea in a research paper and a website, .

For their imaginative proposal, they were chosen out of 5,216 teams in Region 3, which covers Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. They each won a digital camcorder and the team was awarded a laptop, which was donated back to the school.

If they are announced in May as one of the top eight project proposals in the country, they'll be given an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC for the national competition in June. The first place national winner will be awarded $10,000 in savings bonds and the second place winner will be awarded $5,000 in bonds.