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Love through the Ages: Leah Loyd and Jeremy Worthy
Jeremy Worthy and Leah Loyd - photo by Submitted Photo

Bride-to-be Leah Loyd feels both a mixture of excitement and nervousness about her upcoming Sunday, June 2, nuptials. With a little more than four months until the big day, Loyd’s to-do list is miles long. Fortunately for her, groom-to-be Jeremy Worthy, is just as eager and involved in the planning process of the big day.

“I love that guy. He’s so helpful and supportive. Most guys just expect to show up on the wedding day, but he’s taking a really active role.”

Worthy and Loyd, both 24, met in Valdosta, in May 2009 at an orientation for Sam’s Club where they were both newly hired. They were in their junior year attending Valdosta State University at the time. Loyd was studying criminal justice and Worthy was studying computer engineering.

“Jeremy is always early, so when I arrived, he was the only person there. I sat at his table, and we began talking, and haven’t stopped since.”

Worthy said, “I was immediately attracted to Leah when she walked through the door, and I’m so glad she sat at my table. I knew she was different from any other girl I had dated, and that I wanted to be with her forever.”

Talking led to dating, and they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend in August of that year.

“Classes were about to start and I asked him, ‘Aren’t you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?’ and he replied, ‘I thought you didn’t want to be.” I gave him a look to which he replied, ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ and I gladly said yes.”

 When asked what attracted her to Worthy, Loyd replied,

“There were so many things. He’s smart and funny, very funny. And no matter how many times I turned him down, he was so persistent. He just knew we were meant to be together,”

The couple dated for a few years before Worthy popped the question on Sunday, August 12, 2012. Worthy persuaded Loyd to ride down with him to Valdosta to ask her in Sam’s, the exact place they met.

“I told her a friend of mine had this super awesome rare computer I could have, but only if I met up with him. She knows I’m a computer geek so she went along,” Worthy said.

“I didn’t want to go, but being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I went, and I’m so glad I did!”

The newly engaged couple shared the news with friends and family, and was surprised that next weekend with an Engagement Party by Loyd’s mom and sister.

“We were so touched that everyone came out to share in the moment. It was a great chance for the families to celebrate us beginning our lives together,” said Loyd.

The fun halted there as the real wedding planning work began. Loyd was set on having a water venue for her wedding location. She and her family scoured the state and even some locations out of state before discovering Little Gardens in Lawrenceville, with its lovely waterfall backdrop.

“I’m so glad we found it. It’s like a hidden gem,” Loyd said.

There is much work still to be done for the wedding and the honeymoon, which Worthy is planning, but the young couple is looking forward to their future.

Loyd said, “We know that if we keep God first in our relationship, everything else will work out. We’ve had our ups and downs, but that’s life. I can’t wait for that day when I walk down the aisle and become one with the man God made for me.”