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Local cardiac success rate tops national average
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Rockdale County residents have some of the nation's highest chances of survival after cardiac emergencies, according to a recent presentation.

A cardiac success was defined as a cardiac arrest that resulted in the patient surviving and leaving the hospital, National EMS chief operating officer Benny Atkins reported at this week's Board of Commissioners meeting.

According to his quarterly report, the county saw 85 cardiac arrests and 24 of those had been successful.

Atkins said the national average cardiac success rate is 9.5 percent and he was "so proud," that National EMS in Rockdale was 27 percent higher.

He lauded the paramedics and emergency medical technicians. But Atkins also pointed to the first responders from the fire department and the Sheriff's Office and "a quality hospital," at Rockdale Medical Center.

"So, that team effort has really paid off with those statistics," Atkins said.

National EMS is a private company, but contracts with the county for 911 service.

Chairman Richard Oden thanked Atkins for the service from National EMS and its "continuing to strive for excellence."

Commissioner Oz Nesbitt added, "we certainly do appreciate the partnership, the relationship, and the presence that you all have here in Rockdale County."

Atkins noted that this year made 30 years since National EMS has been in Rockdale County.