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Liquor license to require class for alcohol handlers
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Businesses that hold alcohol pouring licenses in the city will have to comply with an updated alcohol ordinance that is designed to reduce alcohol-related incidents.

Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson said the updated ordinance, once approved by city council during their Dec. 19 meeting, will require each liquor license applicant and existing license holders and their employees who handle alcohol to attend an alcohol education class.

Funded by a state grant, one training class was held last week with 42 people attending. Once the $200,000 grant runs out, the cost will be $100 per person.

Chief Wilson said the training is expected to cut down on some of the issues with DUI’s, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct by helping people who serve alcohol understand limitations.

“We are trying to save them the heartache of some of these lawsuits that can come out when someone is drinking and has a wreck and they get sued,” Chief Wilson said.

Wilson and city officials have been working for months to tighten the alcohol ordinance, which is tailored after the City of Duluth's ordinance. He said Thursday during a public safety committee meeting that the ordinance will be hand-delivered and explained to business owners who will be affected by the changes and expected to comply beginning on January 1.

“This fills in some areas that we see have become a problem for us,” Chief Wilson said. “I wish we had that crystal ball and could write an ordinance and never have to change it.”

Conyers city council members will also be considering a revision to the ‘charitable solicitations’ ordinance, also known as a peddler’s ordinance, to give the CPD authority to fingerprint applicants to verify identification and criminal history.