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Letters to Santa... from the Barksdale Boys and Girls Club and Rockdale Baptist Preschool

From Rockdale Baptist Preschool and the Barksdale Boys and Girls Club

Dear Santa, Do you really have a magic globe and do you really see me in it and do you really have a magic whip for the reindeer like on Polar Express that goes “kwoosh! kwoosh!”?

 Love, Greg Alderson, Age 6

Dear Greg, Thank you for writing Santa with such interesting questions. The magic globe is just one way Santa keeps up with all the children. I mostly rely on my elves that do a great job at that. Now Santa’s reindeer don’t need for me to use the magic whip but sometimes it helps remind them that we have a lot of work to do on Christmas Eve. Now I hope you will always hear the sound of the silver bell because that is the best magic of all. It always rings for those that truly believe like Mr. Allsburg wrote.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa, My mommy is going to bake muffins with the purple raisins. The muffins are very good. Will you be able to eat the muffins when you come?   

 Katee Moreno, 6, Barksdale Boys and Girls Club

Dear Katee, Those muffins sound very delicious. You be sure to tell your Mommy thank you for making those for Santa. I will look forward to tasting them Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to go to bed when your Mommy says to because the earlier you go to sleep the sooner I can visit.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa,  You are always eating a lot of cookies Santa. Do you eat any vegetables? Do you exercise?  Do you eat healthy too?   

Eden Glenn, 8

Dear Eden, Have you been talking to Mrs. Claus? Because before and after Christmas she always fusses at me to eat my vegetables and of course I do because I know they are good for me. What she doesn’t know is that I keep a secret cookie jar in the reindeer barn so when I am checking on them I can have a snack. I do exercise but probably not enough. Thank you for writing to me.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa, What would happen if we had the fireplace on and you did not know?  I don’t want you to get hurt.  How old are you and how long have you been Santa?  Are you going to retire? Who will take your place? How many presents do you give kids? 

Atiya Crystal Hodo, 8

Dear Atiya, Don’t worry about the fireplace because if you had a fire going in your fireplace I could use my magic so it would not burn me. Thank you for being concerned. It shows me that you care for other people and that is a good thing. The last time the elves and I thought about it, they decided I was over 550 and years old. Now I don’t think I will ever retire because making children happy at Christmas time keeps me young. As long as there are children in the world like you that keep the spirit of love and giving around then Santa will always be here. Continue to be good.
Love Santa