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Letter:Re: Parking crackdown
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Local headlines about a crackdown on parking problems in subdivisions got me hilariously dizzy last weekend. Yes, after years of me calling out deputies on illegal cars parked in my subdivision and selfish parents blocking the road in front of Heritage High every week day and now they act. Why? Well look at the subdivision in trouble, Irwin Place. It is one of our finest to offer here.

But here we go again the wrong action by our law enforcement. That is passing more code laws rather than just cutting off the snake's head. By that I mean what type of owners rent these "vacation homes" and who are their "customers" who hold three day+ , around the clock, parties. To do that you first must pull off your rose colored glasses or miss the elephant in the room.

Do you think for a New York second that this would happen in John's Creek? That's right, their law enforcement would nip it even before it started to bud.

But not here, we are now a haven for pimps and whores , residences where a juvenile like Dequavious Mapp was shot and killed. He was attending a birthday party where they charged a $3 cover charge to attend. Here we had a person with a shotgun guarding the front door ! This is unbelievable behavior. How in Heavens name could even the best trained marksman be able to shoot a shotgun around 300 guests and nearby residents without serious harm to many. Thank Heaven the guy with the shotgun was busy reloading his sippy cup with Long Island Tea when the shooting started and missed the gunfight.

In John's Creek they are serious , not serious like the President , and actually do something to remove legally this activity that destroys a family community.

Any new ordinance does NOT need to mimic any city one. We need one by our county commissioners for us their constituents. We demand one with teeth in it and not a "hand slapping five times and be sent to the principals office ".

The fire department surely can control the number of people in a residence. My Gosh man, 90+ cars - what will it take for us to wake up and see our beautiful community destroyed as so many others were by soft wimpy leadership.

The chronicles of the decline of this community are piling up and every city and county department either says its not their responsibility or the leaders at the top will not let them do their job. The best cop out ,really , is "until something happens we cannot do anything". Well, the juvenile Mapp was killed stone dead by shooters in this front yard not far from you and yet to this day not a living soul brought to justice for his murder.

Here it is real simple . Elect officials who will kick the criminal's butt back to the hole they crawled out of or accept that single largest investment you have ever made is in the hands of officials who are allowing the demise of your asset.

Is there a deputy out there who wants to be a real Sheriff for Rockdale county or do we keep a puppeteer who has the crowd distracted from what is needed to stop this plague of destruction.

Don Meyer
Conyers GA