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Letter: Well armed women
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Dear Editor:  The other day Opie asked me (if) with the continued population migration to the south from the Northern and some Midwestern regions. we are not seeing at our local" street level" the real rise in crime, not the controlled and "re-categorized" numbers published annually.

I told him the real proof is the remarkable increase in the number of women joining shooting sports nationally. The 46.5 percent increase since 2001, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, is astounding! Just think of all the women who have armed themselves who have not joined the thousands more in competition.

And to add to that number (the NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System figure) this July 2013 was the 38th straight month background checks have increased over previous year. Opie said, "Wow looks like folks are buying guns and the bad guys are going to have a bad day." I answered, "You bet they are and real soon, too."

This town was once safe for women and children to walk without fear and looks like the women are going to make it that way again.

Locally women are joining " The Well Armed Woman" organization. Here they meet other new and concerned women who are taking back their streets and communities from the criminals. Here they are taught all aspects of firearms and meet locally to hold classes and discuss all the important issues of firearm ownership and use. There are nine chapters in metro Atlanta alone, with one nearby in McDonough.

Opie was genuinely impressed how these gals have put together a national organization that rivals anything out there and more importantly how fast it is growing. Housewives are fed up with fear and are turning to self-determination and how a conflict with a thug is going to end.

As Opie and I walked down to the pond to fish, I could only chuckle at how our gals are regaining their pioneer spirit and making their ancestors proud.

Don Meyer
Rockdale County