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Letter: Trashy Public
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Dear Editor: Last week's article on roadway trash was a waste of good paper to start. Let's get right to the heart of the matter and that is we now have trashy people who have moved here and use our byways as their personal trash heap.

Next we have law enforcement that needs clear and concise instructions to nail anyone throwing out trash. Then push the judges to get tough on offenders. But you see in today's world that would come out as profiling and heaven forbid anyone gets their "feelings" hurt with a ticket and heavy fine plus picking up trash on a rainy cold day.

My road frontage is constantly covered in litter. Heck a cop could sit in my driveway and make their annual salary plus retirement catching drivers going thru from Henry and DeKalb. Not to mention the huge semi trailers cutting thru to avoid 138 traffic. Our small bridge at flat bridge is not rated for these overweight truckers.
I sincerely doubt anyone really cares about trash anymore since the constant murder stories are prevalent nowadays.

My guess is money will be poured in more military equipment for law enforcement rather than a good beat cop out here to try and return us to a enviable community in which to live once again. I know day dreaming is just an escape from reality but sometimes you just need to remember how good we had it here!

Don Meyer