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Letter to the Editor: Election Results
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Dear Editor: “God answers prayers, let Rockdale County say Amen."

This is Josie Dean. I just want to take the time out to thank the Rockdale News and the citizens of Rockdale County for coming out and making their voices heard. I just want to congratulate everyone who won. I want to also respect and support the Republicans who did not win. Now it’s time for us to be a “melting pot” and stand together for Rockdale County, whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Democrat or Republican.

We are all “one county.” We have to stand together not as a single party but as a whole. I am the first to admit that I was hurt by the ugliness that occurred during this political season and felt very much betrayed. I was blessed to start a prayer circle to help me through the bad times. Despite standing in the cold on the corner holding signs to support my candidates, I am proud to exercise my right to get involved in the political process. I had no clue that I would eventually have to fight to save my character and my name.   

Some Democrats were mad because I associated with the Republicans and some Republicans got mad with me when I took up for the Democrats.  However, I was blessed to be able to compromise with both parties. I see the good and bad in both Democrats and Republicans because I remember we are human. I have worked hard to build a bridge between the parties. We must remember that before we choose a political party, we were blessed to be Americans living in the great county of Rockdale.

Now, we have to work together to make our county move forward. We need to attend the meetings, listen and know what is going on with our county.  Instead of coming against our new representatives that were elected to office, we need to help them do what is best for our county. If the new elected officials do not do their jobs during their term in office, we will have the opportunity to vote them out of office. 

This is a letter from a voter who has every excuse to be mad for the horrible treatment she received during this election year; however, I choose to build bridges and move forward. 

I ask God to answer my prayer to bring Rockdale County together and heal hurt feelings. Ya’ll be blessed.

Josie Dean
Rockdale County