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Letter to the Editor: Dillard's campaign committee
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Dear Editor: After reviewing the required campaign contribution reports filed by Mr. Courtney Dillard, it was discovered that under oath Mr. Dillard swore he had a campaign committee. Further he swore that it was filed with the state ethics commission.

Upon reviewing those state records this campaign committee was not found. I am referring to those requirements under 21-5-30(b) of the Georgia Ethics Act.

The candidate’s Declaration of Intent to Accept Campaign Contributions (Form DOI; Attachment A) filed on June 1, 2010, with the Rockdale County Board of Elections indicates that a campaign committee is established. According to this document, Mr. Harold Greenwell, Jr. serves as the campaign committee chairperson and Dr. Gayla Dillard serves as the campaign committee treasurer. Of particular note, Form DOI plainly states, "This information does not register a campaign committee. (Please use form RC to do so.)" Mr. Courtney Dillard affixed his signature to Form DOI certifying the statements are complete, true and correct.

According to electronics records maintained by the State Ethics Commission, there is no campaign committee registration form (Form RC) on file for any candidate committee for Courtney Dillard (e.g. The Committee to Elect Courtney Dillard). However, Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports (Form CCDR) for July 2010 and October 2010 on file with the Rockdale County Board of Elections show campaign contributions received in the amounts of $7,302 and $8,681 respectively. As such the candidate or his committee has accepted campaign contributions without first complying with O.C.G.A 12-5-30(b). Further, item 5 of Form CCDR for July 2010 and October 2010 is affirmatively marked with the State Ethics Commission. As such, the candidate affirms a committee exists and falsely affirms that said committee is registered with the State Ethics Commission.

Finally, Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports for July 2010 and October 2010 clearly show financial activity by a campaign committee including, but not limited to, campaign T-shirts, campaign yard signs, campaign promo cards, campaign office space, and campaign advertisements.

Further, the law requires that the candidate cannot accept contributions through this committee until the state has received the name and address of the chairperson and the treasurer.

All things considered the voters are comparing candidates to be elected to be part of a three person board to manage an annual county budget in excess of $52 million.

In a total review of Mr Dillard’s public business and legal history I have reached my conclusions and I hope this information will help all other voters as well.