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Letter to the Editor: 3D Media
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Dear Editor: For centuries the phrase "know ye the truth and the truth shall make you free" has been recognized as being absolute. Any substitute or alteration is simply a lie. The founding Fathers recognized this truism when drafting our Constitution, believing that a people kept truthfully informed of the actions of those who govern us, would always remain free.

In an effort to secure that freedom for future generations, they granted, in the First Amendment to our Constitution, the unfettered right of freedom of speech to the people, and to the press — now including all media — the only private enterprise in the entire Constitution so honored, believing that an informed people would demand compliance. To emphasize the need to be truthfully informed, Jefferson declared, "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." We the people have failed to hold media to that inherent obligation.

Over time, national media has adopted such extreme socialistic views it can no longer promote the values of individualism, liberty and a restrained Federal government the Founders clearly intended. On a national scale, with seemingly few exceptions, truth is obviously not the first consideration of media, and one might also include some institutions of learning. One might even think of modern day media as the 3-D media; it has perfected the art of diversion, distortion, and distraction, to disguise the truth. Media is now so sophisticated in communication it is labeled by some as a culture of corruption, which is not easily recognized by the apathetic among us.

To illustrate that point, consider the question today about Obama’s place of birth. The presidency of the USA is regarded as one of the most prestigious offices on earth and media failed to investigate thoroughly and confirm that question. Should we believe this was merely an oversight? Is it possible we could have an impostor occupying the White House? It has been reported that he has spent considerable sums to conceal college records of attendance and has produced only a live birth record. This raises a red flag to the vigilant and begs the question, what is he hiding? His reported efforts to conceal his past should create doubts in the mind of any patriot, considering some of the mindless proposals he has made thus far, especially so, when providing the information would be such a simple task.

It is hard to point to most of his proposals and sincerely believe they are good for the country. On the contrary, one can point to numerous proposals and say they will have a negative or weakening effect on the country, and sadly the media fails to point that out. This raises the obvious question, is the media being objective, or complicit? Is weakening the country the president’s motive? I did hear him say, quote, "In five days we are going to fundamentally transform the USA." That would mean change from the roots, or the foundation. Sounds more like words of sabotage to me. I am reminded of these words by Madison, "the truth is, all men having power ought to be mistrusted."

Grady Mullins
Rockdale County