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Letter to BOC and Clerk of Courts
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As a tax paying citizen of this county, I'm appalled at learning of the Clerk of Courts Ruth Wilson's paying herself out of these fees. However she wants to split these hairs, this is unethical behavior, and the "transparency" only seems to be the result of a threat of being exposed publicly. The arrogance shown at the BOC meeting was breathtaking in its insistence that personal gain can be justified by legality at the county's expense. It makes one wonder what other behind-the-scenes larceny is being conducted that hasn't yet come to light. I appreciate Commissioner Van Ness's comments, and questions. Any resolution other than that money being turned over to the county is unacceptable, and I would agree with an additional bonus based on the amount of the fees being paid to the employees who actually process these passports.

$122K over three years?! Are you kidding me? Instead of congratulating Ruth Wilson on her "transparency," you should be as appalled as I am along with the rest of Rockdale. This is a new low, even for an administration that has consistently demonstrated a lack of ethical leadership. This speaks sharply and loudly to the character of this administration, and Commissioner Van Ness is apparently the only one that gets it. Character is defined not by what we do when everyone is watching, but what we do privately, with only ourselves to be accountable for. It is time to bring Ruth Wilson to account.

Which leads me to the way in which a long-standing institution in this county was evicted without discussion, the Clothes Closet. I doubt that the renovations required by that building would amount to the $122K confiscated by Ruth Wilson over the past 3 years. The Clothes Closet has been in this community for 30 years, and has provided services to the needy in Rockdale without pay, without political intent, and without fanfare for a very long time, and deserved better treatment at the hands of our leaders. They quietly go about the business of helping our needy, providing clothes for families, school children, with backpacks, and other goods, while remaining under the radar, and without taxpayer funds in the form of grants. Those of us who have donated to them over the years and worked within our churches, know of their service, guided by common sense and a true heart for public service as opposed to personal gain. The handling of this situation is a disgrace to the county and its' citizens.

At first I thought it was probably an attempt to get them out of the way so one of the never-ending Non-Profits, funded by taxpayer grants, and politically motivated could benefit, but I just don't know. Since you don't have the conscience to be ashamed, I remain ashamed for you.

If anyone agrees with me, if anyone else is fed up with self-promoting, self-serving politicians, I urge them to email Ms. Wilson and the BOC members today.

Sharon Pharr
Rockdale County