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Letter: Reply to 'Local Republicans need to get involved'
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Dear Editor: This is a rebuttal to the letter submitted by Shauna Jaynes published in the August 3 edition of The Rockdale News.

Ms. Jaynes professes to know details and events but she likely has little if any personal knowledge of the facts.  She was not and is not a member of the Rockdale Republican Party’s County Committee or Executive Board. Therefore, due to the confidential nature of such meetings, she has published only half-truths, supposition and outright lies. She never volunteered at our headquarters or at any of our past functions.  

Ms. Jaynes is the county coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, an apparent libertarian group, not the Republican Party.  

Our party is comprised of many different opinions; in the words of past Chairman Don Williamson, we do not subscribe to the herd mentality. However, we do have guests and comments at our meetings. but as with any civic or government meeting there are standard practices that will be followed. If a guest wishes to attend, they must contact the Chairman prior to the meeting. If someone wishes to speak during our meeting, they must make this request to the Chairman, before our meeting begins. I know of no group that will tolerate chaos running rampant during their meeting.

I have the email evidence of my offers to meet in person with Ms. Jaynes; that offer has not been accepted.  

In closing, true party builders work diligently to build their base; they do not try to destroy through the faceless social media that Ms. Jaynes tries to exploit.  I believe we all are aware of her true agenda; constant negativity is a poison that emanates from a small group who try to masquerade as conservative Republicans.

Lynn Brown
Rockdale County Republican Party