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Letter: Re: Reflections on the Charleston Church Massacre
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After reading a June 20 opinion column (“Reflections on the Charleston Church Massacre,” June 20) I was struck by the utter cowardliness of this writer. 

The subject was the Charleston murders and somehow this Christian community leader reached back and for "buzz effect" dragged in all the bad the south had done wrong then till now. 

Not one mention in the massive full three column full page ramblings did this person mention anything positive the "South" had done right since the Civil War. Also, he follows in the inflammatory  footsteps of his president using the word "treason" to describe all those who resisted the Northern Invasion. 

You can take any position you wish on the above but for a pastor writing inflammatory remarks under the robes of his pastoral robe is revolting to real Christians. 

Never do we hear that the South under its conservative governors are the strongest economies the northern liberals are flocking to because they have totally destroyed their former cities and states. We southerners are in effect giving aid and comfort to these refuges of northern states. They are also cowards in that they took all they could haul in from taxpayers for their city state and federal jobs and then fled those wastelands they created. They did not mind one bit to flee here under the Confederate flag to find safety and southern dollars to enjoy here. 

Never do we hear that slavery is rampant in sub-Saharan Africa with one in every 140 enslaved ( today! In current dollars an 1850 slave value was $40,000 but today only $90. So if one gets ill they are abandon or kill as reported by "Free the Slaves" ( Can this pastor tell us how many articles he has published on this subject. Can he tell us how much of his personal and church contributions go to stop this evil in Africa while he laments what happened here 150 years ago! And please I want to see the canceled checks. 

Not to worry - soon with the flood of northern refugees we all will all too soon resemble the crumbling cities above the Mason Dixon line. 

Don Meyer

Rockdale County