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Letter: Re: Re: Conversation with the Candidates
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Dear Editor:  My name is Canei Lampkin. I am writing you because I was very disgusted and upset with the letter that Sam Smiley wrote about Josie Dean and candidate Phinia Aten ("Letter: Conversation with the Candidates" in the  Oct. 20, 2012 edition of The News). Just let me set the record straight. Since Mr. Smiley is so eager to research something and discredit people’s character and creditability, I need to provide some facts.

I am Josie Dean’s daughter and also was on the lease that Mr. Smiley referenced. So let’s state facts:

We had signed a 3-year lease agreement with our landlord for $1,375 per month. We had completed a 1-year lease agreement prior to the renewal of our lease for three additional years. While in our 3-year lease agreement (a year and a half later), the landlords wanted us to pay an extra $300–$400 a month on top of our $1,375 (which was not in the lease). When we stated that we would not be able to pay $1,800–$1,900 especially when our lease was for $1,375, the landlords started putting “For Sale” signs in the yard and bringing potential buyers to the house to view it when we were still living there and still in our lease. When the new month started and we tried to pay rent to our landlords, they did not take the rent, and that is when they filed a warrant for non rent payment. 

Mr. Smiley failed to state the real reason they filed on us. He also failed to state that we filed a motion on our landlords so that we would have the opportunity to dispute this extra money that they wanted us to pay, especially when we were already in a written lease agreement. 

The first time in court, we were with our lawyer. The landlords did not show up, so the case was dismissed. 

The second time, both parties were there. Judge Horne tried our case, not Judge Wright. If I can recall, Judge Wright came late that particular day and that is why Judge Horne had to try our case instead of Judge Wright. In the court room, Judge Horne told us to pay the money the landlords asked for because too many home owners were losing their homes. Mrs. Josie Dean was trying to ask Judge Horne a question when he told her, “Sit down and shut up!” 

Another fact, we tried to give our landlords the money in front of the courtroom and in front of Judge Horne. They would not take the money and we were given seven days to move out.

If people want to state facts and give out their stories, they need to research a little better. I do not live in Rockdale County but if I did, I would not vote for Judge Horne and you can quote me on that. If he did this type of injustice to us when we had a written lease agreement, then how many other lives and misruling has he done? 

Canei Lampkin