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Letter: Kudos to Conyers businesses that pass underage alcohol inspections
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Conyers businesses that passed the underage alcohol serving inspections:

1. AMF Bowling Center
2. Applebee's
3. Baan Thai
4. Café Milano
5. Celtic Tavern
6. Chevron, 1776 Hwy 138
7. Chevron Food Mart, 993 Sigman Rd
8. Chili's
9. Club 908
10. Cozumel
11. Dynasty
12. Eastview Food Mart
13. The Fish House
14. Frontera
15. Folks
16. Jim n' Nicks
17. Las Flores
18. Longhorn
19. Mini Foods
20. Mobil, 1085 Irwin Bridge Rd
21. O'Charley's
22. Outback
23. Publix, 2159 Hwy 20 South
24. Robinson Superette
25. Ruby Tuesday
26. Sigman Bottle Shop
27. Six Ways 2 Sunday
28. The Pointe
29. USA Package
30. Whistle Post Tavern
31. Valero, 1113 West Ave

Dear Editor: During the week of November 21, the Conyers Police Department and the Georgia Department of Revenue conducted inspections of local restaurants and retail stores to test whether they were adhering to the rules and regulations in our ordinances relating to serving or selling alcohol to underage persons. We checked a total of 35 businesses and only four sold to an underage patron. These businesses did not sell to our undercover buyer. We want to commend them for having procedures in place to ensure their employees are trained in the proper checking of identification in order to ensure that they do not sell any alcohol to underage persons.

We contribute this positive outcome in part to the City's Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS) workshop that has been in place for over a year. Of course, this would not have had the same outcome if these 35 organizations did not have a commitment to training your staff and requiring that they adhere to the alcohol serving regulations. We want to thank them for having the commitment to helping to protect our citizens by keeping underage patrons from obtaining alcohol.

Their commitment to training their employees and requiring that the employees be aware of current laws regarding selling alcohol to underage persons is duly noted and appreciated. Their efforts are helping to make our community safer. To these businesses we say - please keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you.


Gene Wilson
Chief of Police