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Letter: Defining moment
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What you are about to read will possibly be the most important paragraphs you will have to reflect upon to decide the fate of your family and nation.

These following thoughts are directed to the individuals who will decide the ultimate fate of a once great nation. No it is not Republicans but Democrat voters across the land.

My prediction is Governor Deal will be the last conservative governor for some time due to the unbelievable migration of democratic voters fleeing their bankrupt counties and states.

It is a fact that cannot be denied and so we stand now with the fact no conservative will move to those financial wastelands and more liberals move here and soon will control yet another former Red state.

What happens next is going to be decided by each democrat. Bluntly put they must recognize the utter dismal plight of blacks in the last 30 plus years and in particular the last six. No it has nothing to do with who is president rather the national leadership who has sentenced young blacks to the highest unemployment while never before have they spent such vast precious political capital to get illegals here to take the seats in colleges and jobs that belong to blacks by their birthrights.

I have long given up on the national GOP which very soon will be but a footnote in history. So at this deciding moment will the democratic voters nationally this mid term election in November send a clear message by casting their vote for the conservative candidate and begin to slow down this massive illegal immigration that is robbing the future of young black men and women.

I agree they are not a much better of a choice but this will be the last time in your life you can send a message to Washington leaders to consider your vote with respect.

From here on in it is clear conservative voters nationally have given up and as this new day dawns for America liberals will decide their own fate. History has shown the national leadership has sacrificed a generation of blacks to sub par lives and now with massive uncontrolled immigration the future of black children are destined not to take their place won by the labors of those who gave their all but instead behind children of foreign nations brought here solely to keep those national leaders in power.

Both parties are hand maidens to this atrocity bestowed upon young blacks and when they realize this fact I fear great social upheavals are in our future.

All this can be resolved by just this once pull the lever to change the U S senate to conservative control. Not to worry it will not last for long but just enough to give your America that moment to place young blacks back in their rightful status above illegals in spite of Washington leadership.

Don Meyer
Rockdale County