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Letter: Alleging misconduct by a judge
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Dear Editor: I am disturbed at the recent attack from Judge Mays and DJ Asante. When I read their statement, I was disturbed with the abnormal manner in which the letter was written. Let me explain a few things:

Judge Mays and his wife were involved in forging my name on an invoice that was submitted to the water company. They were also involved in defrauding the water company out of its services. Judge Mays himself signed the request for the adjustment from the water company. I have heard that his wife Victoria signed my name on the invoice (although I did not see her sign it).

With the above being true why would Judge Mays try to do anything harmful to me and my family; the only thing he and his wife should be doing is apologizing to me, for forging my name. 

Why on earth would Judge Mays and DJ Asante publish a letter to defame my character, calling me a paper terrorist, or anything derogatory, when I have never done anything to him or his family. 

Judge Mays wants to be portrayed as a victim. He published a letter calling me a paper terrorist, and to attempt to relate his situation to unprovoked attacks against other politicians. Well, when you, Probate Judge Charles K. Mays:

a. forge taxpayer’s name, 

b. Submit fraudulent paperwork to the water company, 

c. Cause an employee to work hours without paying them (basically, stealing their time, after being told by the Chief Judge ahead of time, that the program the employee is working on, could not move forward or be implemented),

d. Use taxpayer money for lavish trips,

e. Charge personal items to the county credit card for your home and your construction company (You can learn a lot through an open records request),

f. Give a regular citizen access to the combination of the Probate office safe,

g. Rule on cases for your friends, when you should have recused yourself,

h. Try to illegally evict someone,

i. Crash a homeowners meeting at Viewpoint Condominiums and have DJ Asante portraying himself as an attorney, when he is not, and you, Judge Mays, trying to overthrow the board at Viewpoint for your own personal gain, to try to extort money for a repair that Viewpoint was not responsible for,

j. Before you say that DJ Asante has not and does not portray himself as an attorney, I want to remind you, that you yourself referred to DJ Asante as your attorney on camera, so be careful; as the older folk say “You shall reap what you sow “

When you do everything that is above, you sir, have to expect, that at some point, you will have to answer for your behavior. No one is falsely attacking you; you are guilty. 

Judge Mays and DJ Asante, I am not a paper terrorist, and I resent being called one. I am a hard-working man who has been treated unjustly by you. I simply want to be paid for the work that I have done to your condo. I don’t want anyone forging my name on anything. I picketed the courthouse, because I think that you are not an honorable man, and should not be judging other people. I have told the truth about you on my signs:

1. I did wire you money when you were stuck on vacation and did not have money to get home, (You have not repaid me),

2. You did forge my name (and have never apologized; you did offer me money to lie for you though),

3. You did submit fake paperwork to the water company,

4. You did try to put me, my wife and grandbaby out on the street,

5. You have been less than honorable,

All you do is smear the names of the people that you have wronged, instead of trying to work things out. Take some responsibility for the things that you have done.

The sad thing is, I expect you to continue your attacks and smear campaigns. But Judge, I also suspect that you will be held fully accountable for your actions. Everyone can see the writing on the wall of your future, except you and the people around you. 

One more thing, I hope you realize, that no matter how much you smear everyone’s name, it does not change your future; you will still be held accountable in court. It only shows a flawed character in you, not them. 

You and your people say, God put you in that position. I agree with that. He blessed you with a chance to better your life and to do right. What I also know about God is that if you are not doing right by people, just as he put you somewhere, he will surely remove you.  Good luck, Judge Mays. I am really saddened by your behavior. I really thought you were a man of honor and my friend.

Rodney Scott, 

Rockdale County