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Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
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Dear Editor: We all need to relax.  The idea to remove Jonny Brown for exercising his First Amendment right is absurd.  

Mr. Brown and his lovely wife have never (to my knowledge) displayed a level of hatred towards anyone of the opposite ethnic group while in my presence.  

For me, I would be more concerned with those who display strategic, covert disregard toward others because of skin color, sex and sexual preference versus those who are more overt because of it. This applies to all ethnic groups.

If Mr. Brown had any influence while on the Board of Elections to disrupt an election in Rockdale County, then he sure did a horrible job in the most recent elections held in the county this past November. 

We, as black people, (specifically in Rockdale) would do ourselves well to display the same level of enmity towards members of our own ethnic family when similar statements are levied towards whites.

My friend Jonny has to come to grips with change. We, as black people, have dealt with change since our existence in this country.

This racial hysteria in my view has been fomented as a result of eight black Democratic candidates defeating eight white Republican candidates this past November.  To some this was a great day in Rockdale. To others, this was a disaster.  

Certainly, for the Democratic candidates and their supporters, this was a great accomplishment. Conversely, for the Republicans across the county, this was and will continue to be for a long time, a travesty.

The Republican Party, it’s consultants and the candidates launched what I call “Strategy 101” which focused on the primary numbers in July (where more Republicans voted in higher numbers than did Democrats), and somehow thought that that plurality would again exceed the numbers of the Democrats in November. Thus refraining from the idea of developing relationships with the black community where the greater numbers were.  

I’ve read comments in the local papers where folk were suggesting that all blacks are like sheep for supporting the eight Democrats. This is tantamount to saying that all whites are too — sheep for supporting eight Republicans.  

You can’t run for office and write off an entire ethnic group that’s the majority and somehow think you can find a victory. That’s just dumb!

Republicans are now forced to work with Democrats as were Democrats forced to work with Republicans when they held these positions.  

We must stop trying to determine the value of people based on ethnicity. 

Black people are no more monolithic in their support of black candidates than are whites supportive of white candidates. The difference is, white candidates don’t know how to appeal to black voters and create their own personal trepidation when made to. 

It was my hope that the eight individuals who served our county, served with distinction, honesty and with an unbiased approach. Likewise, I too hope that the individuals who assume these positions today, do the same.  

Keep in mind that four years go by pretty fast.

Brian Jenkins

Rockdale County resident