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King for a Day - All entries

Mia Love Delamar, 11, for her dad, Rich Delamar


I think my dad should be King for a Day because he does four things at the same time. He works at a job, runs his own business, is a minister at church and is a part-time mother figure. Monday through Friday my dad works non-stop and is only at home in the morning time, so that’s when my brother and me get to see him. He works all day on Saturdays at his business and then is in church all day on Sundays. My dad works really hard for me, my mother and my brother. My mom is away in Connecticut because she attends law school. She comes home for holidays, some weekends, and in the summer time. This is why my dad has to be a mother and a father to me and my brother.


I am an 11 year old girl and my brother is 15. I am getting to that age where it is a crisis for my dad. We have a good relationship so I know that I can always talk to my dad about anything that’s bugging me. This is really important since my mom is away at school. When I had something very important happen in my life, my dad took time to take me out to dinner and make me feel special, even though I know he was very tired. My dad cooks, cleans and does everything for my brother and me. A lot of times all we do is sit around all day and do nothing. I don’t think we appreciate my dad enough and I feel very bad about that, especially since I see how hard he is working to make life good for us. It’s like we have everything that we need but my dad is always working to give us more than what he had when he was my age. I get it, but I do miss him because he is always working.


This letter is to show our appreciation for our dad. So please pick him to be King for a Day because he really needs to relax even if it’s for 30 minutes. He really needs to know that we really do care and appreciate everything he does for us even if we don’t always say it. I love my dad very much.

Runners up:

Kendall Allen, 10 

My dad should be king for a day because he is very helpful. On the last day of school, my dad went to the Boys & Girls Club and cooked for everybody in the club. He also helps out in my class everytime my teacher needs help. When we have parties, field trips, or family fun days, my dad is always there. One time he bought 5 pizza pies for my class. Another time, he made dinner for the best parent helper in my class. If you ask my dad to help, he will help. He never has any problem helping.


My dad helps me when I am sick. My dad made me smart so I passed my CRCT test. He bought me a math book, so I can practice. He takes good care of me. My dad does this all by himself. He is a single parent, but he cooks my favorite things and always buys me apples and fruits.


Anything you ask my dad to do, he will do it. This is why he should be king for the day. This single parent is King everyday!

  Iyante Price, 10 

I think my grandfather should be king for a day because he is careful. He is also respectful and smart. My grandfather is honest and does not lie. He will never tell you to do something that he does not like to do himself. My grandfather is fun and he is a believer. If you have something you need to fix, then call him. Trust me all the neighbors and family do. If you are sick and need help, he will come as fast as he can.


My grandfather is a very hardworking man. He never solves problems with violence. He solves his problems with his words. He also never got in trouble as a child. That is why I think my grandfather deserves to be king for a day.

  Elijah Lowe, 10 

My father should be king for a day because he is loving, caring and when I needed someone he was there for me. He loves me, my sister and my mom a lot. On Mother’s Day, he gave my mom the best present she had ever gotten, a ring and perfume. She got breakfast in bed too. She cried A LOT! My dad made her a queen, so I think he should be king.


My dad also fixes things. One time my PSP broke and my dad took off the back and fixed it. And BOOM! Now it works!


My dad is strong and helpful, so he should be a king. I think he will be a good king.

  Kaori Cumberbatch, 8 

My dad is a great guy to hang out with. He is also very funny. When he starts to sing a song, I yell “DADDY” and then he starts to laugh. He always takes me to Pine Log Park. He takes me to Taco Bell too. I always get two soft tacos with sour cream on it and a lime sparkle drink. UUUMMMM! Delicious! Then we drive home safely. When we get home, my little brother comes running to the door. My dad goes upstairs to take a shower. He is always so tired and he goes straight to bed. He works all day. He is such a hard working man. This is why he needs to be king for the day. The End.

 Naomi Coulibaly, 8 

If my father was king for a day, I would be very happy. My daddy is real loveable, caring and nice. I really love him and he loves me. That reminds me, if I was king, I would not ask him for stuff. I would be loveable and kind to him as well. I am so glad that God has blessed me with a loveable father who cares and loves me.


Now I just don’t have a mother, I have a mother and father. I am glad I have a father who looks out for me and my family.

 Ashley Rodriguez, 8 

My dad should be king for a day because he works very hard everyday. He cares about everyone in our house, even the birds, cat and dog. My dad should be king, because he helps people when bugs get in the house. One time, my dad came to the Boys & Girls club and showed all the kids all the different kinds of bugs he catches. He also works at another job and he works real hard at that too. I love my dad for all of his hard work and because of this I know my dad would make a great king for the day.

 Jonathan Stewart, 8 

I believe my big brother should be king for a day because he is very nice and helpful. He never gets angry. He is very cautious and always protects me. He helps people he doesn’t even when he doesn’t even know them. He always tells me the right thing to do.


My brother also has a good sense of humor. He encourages me when I am ready to give up. I love him. This is why I think my big brother should be king for a day.

 Leona Guthrie, 8 

My name is Leona and I think my dad should be king of the day because he is smart, playful, and he loves me. The things he does for me are awesome. He always has time to spend with me. He also loves my creativity. He teaches me to make wise choices. He will always be my angel from God.


He makes sure that all my projects and book reports are complete. Whenever I make A’s or 100% or S’s, he rewards me. God blessed him with the right heart and the right mind. I love him so much. Way to go dad!!

  Leandra Spears, 9 

I think my dad should be king for a day because he is strong and intelligent. He is also a kind, giving person. I love him a lot. I’m so happy every other weekend when he gets me. We go out to eat and he buys me a lot of things. I think he should be king everyday because he is that special to me. He got a rabbit for me for Christmas in 2008. I love him and he loves me back. My daddy is the best father that you can ever have. When we go places, we have so much fun and that is the best of all.

 Diamond Swift, 9 

My father should be king for a day because he always helps me. He gives me things when I do good in school. When I am not so good he says, ‘Diamond, tell me what happened?” He always makes me promise that I would not do anything again and I always promise. We talk for a little bit and then when my mom comes home, he goes to work.


My dad always goes outside with me. We play catch, basketball and then we clean up. . This is why I believe he should be king.

 Trinity Lowe, 9 

I think my dad should be king of the day because he is a nice dad. He is king of the house and he helps us to do the big things. If we have heavy things and we can’t carry them, he helps us. He is so nice to other people. As soon as they ask him for help, he helps them. If he worked here, all kids would love him. He gives money to people on the street, but only if they look poor. He gives them more money than other people do! My dad rocks! He is the best dad in the whole wide world and the coolest at doing homework. He is a good cook too. My dad deserves to be king for a day!

 Kayla Holmes, 9 

I think my dad should be king for a day because he is a royal pain. He already rules everything with authority. My dad is responsible. He has a deep voice just like a king. He does not use his power for selfish things. He knows how to win an argument. He is the smartest person that you could ever meet. He is kind, helpful and he is also a good handyman. He cares about what happens in this world. The most important thing is that he can solve any situation, just like a king should. Last but not least, he is handsome, just like a king. He is already a king to me

  Leon (T.J.) Guthrie, 9 

My dad should be king for a day because he is caring, smart, and joyful. If my dad was king for a day, he would treat everybody fairly. If there was a disagreement, he would fix it. My dad always feels responsible for the actions of children. That’s why I think my dad should be king for a day


Zukharee Williams, 9


I think my dad should be king for the day because he is intelligent and he is fun to play with. He is very hard on people and is strict about breaking the rules. He is cool and funny.

  Jaydon Arnold, 9 

My dad should be king for a day because he is a hardworking man that loves to work a lot. He is a Christian and he loves to go to church. He is not bossy; he is kind and loving. He dresses appropriately and does not like to bug people. He is good looking and he is charming. He knows when to talk and when not to talk. He is smart and intelligent and knows how to handle problems. He loves and cares about everyone he knows.

  DeJuan Barnes, 9 

My father should be king for a day because he is very nice and responsible. He helps me with my homework and he is very special to me. I might get in trouble sometimes, but he talks to me because he loves me and he wants me to do the right thing. I am happy that I have a dad. I love my dad with all my heart. My mom and I would like him to be king for a day because he is loving, caring, responsible, helpful and grateful.

  Trinidad Jones, 9 

My dad should be king for a day because he does a lot of nice things for me. He does so much fun stuff for me. He takes me to the mall. He takes me a lot of places. He is like a friend to me. I think he is a hero. He likes to spend time with me. I talk to him on the phone. He has two dogs at his house. He works at Pizza hut. He loves kids a lot. He lives in L.A. He likes to play with me a lot. That’s why he should be king for a day.

  Tamajai Kendrick, 9 

Everybody that I know keeps saying my dad should be king of the house on Father’s Day. I can name a few reasons why.


One is because he loves me. He cooks me food when my mommy is at work. He makes sure that I look like a pretty diva when my I go to school, the park, Chucky-Cheese, skating, Wal-mart, the mall, the beach and pool, and the most important place, church. He always makes sure that I am taken care of and he does it with love. I just realized my dad needs to be king everyday.

  Jayda Wallace, 9 

I think my dad should be king for a day because he makes all the right choices, he’s a hard worker, and he makes people happy.


First, he makes good choices like whenever he gets into an argument with somebody, he is always the bigger person and walks away. He is a true leader.


Next, he is a hard worker. He is good at making basements and bathrooms. He is really good at making bars and a lot of other stuff.


Then, he is very helpful. If my door is broken, he will fix it. If I fell and got cut, he would clean it, put cream on it and then put a band-aid on it.


Last, he makes people happy. When I am sad, he tickles me and I feel much better. My dad is just a good person and that is why he should be king for a day.

  Isaiah Glover, 10 

My father deserves, a present for father’s day because he has been good to me and my entire family. He has helped us when we are sick, at the hospital and even when we were sad. And that is the kind of father I want. A truthful, helpful, nice and cool dad. He deserves a great present for his great attitude. He’s always there. The present he should get should be good and have great value. It should be huge. I really love my father and he is so respectful to all of us. He has gotten me and my family games, toys, systems and even money. Other people in my family have gotten gifts also. I like what I got. So that is exactly why he deserves a present and because we all love and support him like he is one of the best fathers we know. If he died we all should make a statue of him to support his death. This year for father’s day the present should be the best present. And that is all the reasons why he should be king.

  Kesean Williams, 10 

My dad is very helpful in many situations and problems. Also he gives me everything I need to be a good model citizen, even though I am too young to actually be one. Dad is already helping me to fulfill my dream as a veterinarian by having found a real vet. My dad loves to do things like that and would never try to squash anyone’s dreams. Currently, my dad is the core of our family. He has realized that his job is to help provide food, shelter, and other needs to his family. By doing this, he is sure to raise a good family the right way. At the same time, he finds time to play with me and my brother, Zach. My dad does many things for me and the rest of my family and he deserves respect and recognition- not to mention more than a month of peace and quiet, and I intend on giving it to him.

 Shayla Holmes, 10 

I think my dad should be king for a day because…HE IS GREAT! He is very nice and he is active. He can spot a good lie and he makes great choices. He would make sure that everyone in the kingdom was happy. My dad is the best dad you could ever have and he would make a fantastic king!

  Khalil Hunt, 10 

Do you have a great role model in your life? Well I do, and it is my father. My dad is a great person. He is loving, passionate and he cares for people as well. He does a lot for me. He buys me clothes, puts food on the table, and takes care of me when I am sick. And when I am down, just seeing him puts a smile on my face. He turns my frown into a smile. My dad is probably one of the best people you will ever meet. He treats others the way he wants to be treated. My dad is also very funny. His jokes are very humorous and he is a fun person to be around. During the school year, my father also encourages me to try harder and do my best. My dad is also a great cook. He can barbeque, make tacos, steak and the best fried chicken. He is very interactive. He always plays with me, like catch (in the front yard) or hitting the ball in the baseball batting cages.


Lastly, my dad does a lot of things with all of us as a family. We will watch movies together and sometimes we’ll go out to eat ice cream or go out to a restaurant. My dad does a lot of things with me and I’m glad to call him dad!

  Darius Leggette, 10 

This is why I think you should make my dad King of the Day. If you were sick and you had nobody to help you, you can call my dad, tell him what’s wrong and he will be there in a jiffy. My dad is like a hero to me. He was in the military. He literally was pushed to his limit, but he still came out on top. He always works to make money and he will help people in need. .


This is a person you should vote for. He is respectful, listens, cooperates, loves and protects everyone. He is an honest person. He is a remarkable and intelligent person.