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January Pick of the Pride

The Lorraine Elementary students of the month for January were: Kindergarten: Maie Thiam, Lucy Long, Kensley Rowe, Anaiya McClendon, Chad Wiggins, Kayla Bristol. First grade: Jenesis Dawson, Jaylen Houston, Erica Austin, Laura Goldgar, Jeremiah Durden, Will Smith. 2nd Grade: Lauren Moy, Blake Fisher, Clay Brooks, Christian Martinez, Marissa Robinzine, Genesis Clark. 3rd Grade: Avery Swords, Madison Wilson, Zaria Ford, Austin Huff, Ethan Saunders, Makenzie Johnson. 4th Grade: Layla Johnson, Hannah Autry, Samantha Wilkins, Lynda Mosley, Delaney Willette, C. J. Turner, Rockie Stuart. 5th Grade: Cole Gilliam, Marcus Lennen, Taylor Langlois, Katie Cannon, Chyna Wright, Maggie Morgan.

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