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Inactive city voters
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Dear Editor: For what it is worth, the city of Conyers election continues a most mind boggling scenario. The elections that have occurred in Conyers have for decades been without passion, emotion or apparent concern to registered voters of the city. It is an understatement that similar overt lack of awareness/concern has been exhibited in residents of Rockdale County. The overpowering reality is that whenever either the city or the county sneezes, the other becomes flu infested. Unlike the county, candidates of the city go unopposed. Is this because city voters are without energy from voluntary suppression? Do they lack inquiring minds? Are they under a curse or is there something worse, e.g. abdicating their responsibility by permitting others to think for them? It is unfortunate that so many have fought, been maimed, have died, and are still dying for each of us to be able to participate in a "government of the people, by the people and for the people." Yet, so many who have been endowed with this opportunity will continue self incapacitation.

As a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, keeping faith of those of World War I, World War II and other threats to our freedoms, the contributions may be considered as in vain. Do we repeat the decades of thoughtless repetitions and inaction?