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In Memory of Brian Mahaffey
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How you can contribute 

• Individuals can make contributions to the family at the Brian Mahaffey Memorial Fund c/o Georgia Federal Credit Union, 1381 Milstead Ave., Conyers, GA 30012.


• On Saturday, May 22, many business in the Honey Creek Village area will be donating a portion of their sales that day or participating in some way to donate to the Mahaffey family, including Honey Creek Wings, State Farm Insurance, Los Charros, Ingles, Honey Creek Hair, Mr. Coin, A Sun Resort Tanning, Puritan Cleaners, and Fancy A Nibble.

Kelly Collins, owner of Sprouts and the Garden consignment store, which will be donating 100 percent of its sales on May 22, said the news of the tragedy broke her heart.

"All his family are regulars here," said Collins. "Personally, I felt that if we did not do something, that's not acceptable."

Fire engines will be at the Village and other attractions may be on site during the fundraiser.

For more information, call 770-761-8845 or visit

Businesses across the street have also initiated another donation and support campaign by selling blue and black ribbons for businesses to display outside their shops, with all the proceeds after material costs going to Rockdale Baptist for the Mahaffey family.

Richard Leverington, owner of Conyers Discount Caskets, said neighboring businessman Alonzo Hill, of Regency Barber Shop and Salon, had emailed him over the weekend asking what local businesses could do to show support for the family.

Leverington turned to his florist, Sandi Corcoran of April's Rose Garden, who promptly began producing a large blue and black outdoor ribbon.

Those ribbons are selling for $10. They are also selling a smaller $1 blue and black ribbon to pin onto clothing. By Tuesday, they had sold out of the ribbons and were ordering more.

"It's an absolute tragedy," said Leverington. "And it did happen right down the road."

Hill also presented a ribbon to the Board of Commissioners at their Tuesday meeting.

To order the ribbons or for more information, call 770-761-0996.


• Jim 'N Nick's will be donating 10 percent of sales all day on Thursday, May 27


• Black Ink is printing T-shirts commemorating Mahaffey and donating the proceeds to the Mahaffey Memorial fund. The shirts are $16, and come in black or gray. Sizes range from Youth XS -L and Adult S-5XL. For more information, call 678-873-4789

The Rockdale News offered these pages as a tribute and a space for family and friends to reminisce about slain deputy Brian Mahaffey, who died in the line of duty on May 8, 2010, 

Brian, this is Mom. I miss you so much. What I wouldn't do to be able to give you one more hug, kiss or tell you to quit dipping!!!! Brian, I know you are looking down and saying mom it's O.K. For I am up here with Waylon and Pawpaw, and we got some catching up to do. Brian you would be so proud of Diana; she loves you so much!!! I keep telling myself "How can we go on?" But then I know you would want me to be strong for Diana and Trenton and Aniston. I am trying, my son. I just wanted you to know there will never be a day that you are not on my mind. You left too soon, but God needed you there. I am sorry for being selfish of wanting you here with us!!! We are trying to keep it together, but it so hard. My heart is breaking for Diana, and the babies. I have said so many times since you left us, "How can I go on?" and everyone says we need you. For you know, I told you many times Brian, I had you on May 7, 1982 (it was a Friday), and two days later it was my first Mother's Day. It was the best one of my LIFE!!! Brian, I know you're looking down and saying "I know, Mom, you've told me this a hundred times." I probably sound crazy for writing you here, but I need to talk to you. I miss you so much. This community has been so great to Diana and the kids and to us the outpouring of love and support has been so beautiful. Today (5/20), Tavas had a memorial fundraiser for Diana and the kids. It was so beautiful. Daddy has been so strong, and so has Christopher, but me, on the other hand, I have not!!! I know I am not supposed to question God, but it so hard not to. You and Diana and the kids were my life. Everyone I talk to, I tell them keep us in your prayers!!! Brian you were truly my HERO!!!!!!! Love ya, MOM
- Cindy Mahaffey

Brian was our "firstborn" grandchild. I remember that long wait at Rockdale hospital in anticipation of Brian's birth. Both sides of the family were there. I mean the waiting room was filled to capacity. We were so excited and could hardly wait to see him. That little "bundle of joy" brought lots of happiness to our lives. I love you Brian. I thank our Lord God for giving us Brian.
- "Granny" Mabel Mahaffey

I remember when Brian graduated from the police academy. We knew from what he told us about how tough it was, that Brian was going to be a good officer. We cheered Brian on.
- Grandfather Robert Mahaffey

Brian was a good man. I knew he was a hero before he even became an officer. He saved my life was he was 13 and I was 5. I was very close to drowning in the Alcovy River. My foot was stuck between two rocks and I was completely invisible to everyone for about 30 seconds till Brian pulled me out of the raging river and brought me to shore. I will never forget that miraculous day.
- Cousin Jimmy Thurston

When Brian was a teen, he was the clown at his cousin's birthday parties. The fun didn't start till Brian walked in. Helium talking, balloon screeching, wacky and comical. I'm glad we've got videos to remember the good times we shared together.
- Aunt Lisa and Cousin Elizabeth

My name is Robert Land and I am Brian Mahaffey's uncle. It's hard to pick just one favorite memory of Brian. There were so many good times and a lot of laughs throughout the years with him. Since I have to choose one, I guess I would have to go with Thanksgiving 1998. My wife, Jessica, and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our home in Macon for my family. Brian, his mom, Cindy, and his younger brother, Christopher, decided to spend the whole week with us. We lived on a lake and as everyone knows, Brian loved to fish. He spent most of the week fishing and even got Jessica to fish with him.

The day after Thanksgiving, I had to work, so Brian and Jessica spent the day fishing. Christopher, 14 years old at the time, decided it would be fun to play pranks on them. At one point, he began throwing pine cones at Jessica. They kept warning him to stop, but he just kept on. Eventually, he went inside for a few minutes then came back out to announce that his mother was watching the show ER if they wanted to come in and watch it too. Brian then said "Christopher, you are going to see the inside of an ER yourself when Uncle Robert gets home and finds out that you have been picking on Aunt Jessie all day." Christopher started begging them not to tell me, but Brian continued to tell him that I was going to be furious when I found out what he had done. Brian got the biggest kick out of watching his little brother squirm for hours just waiting for me to come home.

Well, when I got home, Christopher was hiding under the stairs, absolutely terrified. Brian told me what was going on and said for me to really scare Christopher. I acted like I was really, really angry and Christopher got so scared he took off running. It took forever for us to convince him it was all a joke and that he wasn't in any trouble. Brian just stood there laughing and laughing at his brother. He has never let Christopher forget about this and we all still laugh about it. That was Brian, always making people laugh and constantly picking on his little brother. Our lives will never be the same without him. We love you Brian and miss you so very, very much.
- Robert Land

I didn't know Brian for a very long time but I had the honor of calling him my brother. I married his brother in September 2008 and he instantly made me feel part of the family. I don't know if it was because he was a cop or maybe just because he was such a big guy but I was always a little intimidated by Brian. Maybe that's why it always made me feel so good when he was so kind to me. Maybe I didn't know a whole lot about him - or even know any of his special quirks or favorite foods - but I did know this: He adored his wife, he lived for his kids, he brought joy to his parents and he was his brother's best friend. Today, I'm thankful for the few years I did know Brian, and I'm thankful for the hope of Heaven. I'm so proud of you, Brian, and I can't wait to see you again.
- Katie Mahaffey

One beautiful Friday afternoon my phone rang. My brother Terry was speaking with great urgency that he needed me to watch his young son Brian. Stating my inexperience, I reluctantly agreed. Terry rushed over to my house placed Brian in my arms told me he needed a diaper change and that he would be hungry soon, all while running to his car. Here I am early 20s, no experience, and about to get a big dose of motherhood.

OK, the diaper change - disgusting. It took what seemed to be 30 minutes or so. Baby Brian is frustrated at my nervousness and lack of talent, screaming for his bottle, which I could not produce fast enough. After bottle and burping, another disgusting diaper. I thought it would be impossible to top the first one, but the diaper wasn't placed properly so it was even messier than the first and it took a long time to clean up. No one ever told me about boys. I had no warning, and before I could get his diaper on, he began to spray. My jaw dropped in surprise (I have him on my brand new sofa) and all of a sudden I feel warm liquid in my mouth. I am gagging, Brian is smiling, and as I scoop him up and run to wash my mouth out and it sounds like he is giggling at me. All I could think of is that he is too young to talk and my secret is one will ever know. When Terry arrived, late that same night, I was totally exhausted almost ready to cry. Brian, the happy baby that he was, was still full of energy and happy to see his daddy. He smiled at me like he knew he had put me through the ringer, waving byebye. During the past few days of grief I tried to lighten the mood by sharing this with Brian's mom and dad, they said that they never knew. Thank goodness Brian was too young to talk, or I would never be able to escape the jokes from my brother had our secret gotten out.

Another memory: Brian was a true fisherman at an early age. One Saturday when he was about 5 he had begged to go fishing at Hi Roc Lake. All the Mahaffey cousins were in tow with Brian (the oldest), Christopher (Brian's brother), Brad, and Michelle all fishing on the bank. After only a few minutes Brian trudges up the bank with a disgusted look on his face exclaiming "Can't even fish, they won't stop talkin', they're scarin' the fish away and Michelle is just usin' a toy rod and reel with no hook on it, just a plastic fish. How do you expect me to catch anything?!" Brian was bound and determined to fish. Needless to say at the end of the day, Brian snagged the one and only catch of the day. A small little brim, I think his smile was bigger than
the fish he caught.
- Regina Mclemore

When my son came home after being deployed to Afghanistan, he had surgery and came home on a two-week medical leave to recover. He and Brian had been friends since elementary school. They played middle and high school football together, rec baseball and just hung out with each other many times during those years. While my son was home and felt a little better, Brian was the one who came over and took my son out to dinner and a movie. I remember, as they walked out the door, I told them (after many years of doing so) "Wear your seat belts and drive carefully and BEHAVE." Then I laughed to myself after they left as I realized that they were no longer my "boys" but a cop and a combat soldier.
- Dee & Al Spivey

My name is Chris Crutchfield and I was the Commander of the Narcotics and Vice Unit from November 2009 to March 2010. I served as Brian's first line supervisor. I have since left and work for the Rockdale County District Attorney's Office as an Investigator who investigates the drug cases.

When I came in as the supervisor, I was responsible for correcting Brian's case reports before sending them on to the DA's Office for prosecution. I would almost always have to turn his case files back for the smallest of grammatical errors (I'm sure his English teachers would get a chuckle!). Every single time he would make a methamphetamine arrest he would write the word methamphetamines, yes with an ‘S' at the end. I would constantly hound him about it as there the plural pronunciation for methamphetamine has no ‘S.' I would often tell him that it didn't matter if it was 1 gram or 1,500 pounds, the word methamphetamine will never have an ‘S'!!!!

In my last few days, as one might guess, I inherited another Mahaffey methamphetamine case, and yes, there it was lingering again. He had done it again! I called Brian into my office and closed my door. I said "Mufassa!!!! What in the world man? I just got another report with methamphetamine with an ‘S'!!!!" I said, "How about this: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.......ever, ever, you put an ‘S' on that word again!!!! That is an order!"

He just grinned, like he always did, chuckled, and said, "I got ya...Commander!" He was being sarcastic with his comment and I am totally with his sister-in-law on this one; he was just trying to elevate my blood pressure. He had done it once again, just to get under my skin! What a prankster! Lord, I'm gonna miss him!

Another Mahaffey moment was when he called in one day to inform me that he was going to be late. He had some hesitation in his voice and I asked him if everything was OK. He didn't want to tell me because I was adamant the night before about everyone needing to be in the office for a narcotics operation at 10 sharp. He finally said, "Man, I can't find my car keys to my G ride" (slang for an undercover government car). He went on to say that he always puts them on the counter each and every time he comes in the house and he had no clue where they could have gone! I was a bit upset, but I managed to bite my tongue; I knew Mahaffey well and I chalked it up to... that could only happen to Mahaffey, right?

I decided that he would soon find the keys and that I could find a few "other" things to do around the office before I went to get him at his house which was, yes, on the other side of Rockdale County. I recall calling him back about 30 minutes later, yes, blowing off a pre-planned operation, and asking about everywhere I thought he could have laid them. After him saying: yep, checked there, a dozen or so times, I left the office on the way to get him. I must say that I didn't take a direct route because I knew he would find them. As I was going down Hwy 138 South I got the call. He had located the keys. "YIPPEE," I thought, out of pure sarcasm. Then he told me the story.

He had been playing in the floor that morning with Trenton, his 2-year-old son. They had been playing with toy cars from the movie "Cars." It wasn't until Daddy had gotten up off the floor and tripped over Tow Mater that he learned their whereabouts! Yep, Trenton had retrieved the keys off the infamous "counter" and loaded them into Tow Mater and closed the door. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear, as I knew he was doing the same, just like he always did! He had a grin that wouldn't stop, a quite mischievous one at that. That is the Brian Mahaffey that I knew to respect and love as did every one else that knew him.

I just wish that on the morning of May 8, 2010, Trenton had taken those keys and flushed them down the toilet. Brian Lamar Mahaffey leaves a legacy in the Rockdale County Narcotics and Vice Unit and the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office! He will truly be missed.
- Christopher S. Crutchfield

Brian and Dianna shopped my store often and I have two memories I'd like to share. 1) As a grandma myself, I thought this was funny - Brian and Dianna would come in and chat and shop. They'd usually stay at least an hour or so. They'd pick out all the stuff they wanted and would bring maybe about half of it to the counter and pay for it. Then they'd smile and say, "We'll be back later!" And sure enough, a few hours later, they'd come back in with Cindy (grandma) in tow! She would buy up the rest of what they saw, and a bit more. I always joked, "Hey, I'm a grandma too! It's our job to spoil 'em!" 2) I don't think I ever heard Brian call Trenton by his name but once. He always called him Buddy. There was one time though that Trenton was sleepy and acting up a bit. Brian had spoken to him several times. Finally he called him by name and the little guy straightened up right away. He knew Daddy meant business. We need more good daddies like that.
- Kelley Collins, Sprouts & The Garden

It is hard to tell about the good times with my nephew Brian Mahaffey. There are so many.

Like the time we were on the way to the mall, and we pulled up beside a car. Brian would pretend he was trying to out run the car. He put his arms up like he was really running. The person in the car would look over and we would all start to laugh. I'm going to miss all the shopping trips just to go down the toy isle to watch Trenton play and get a new toy.

You were truly a great dad. You would sit in the recliner and watch Trenton with your shoes bobbing off your feet just to give Trenton the enjoyment of taking them off for you. I enjoyed all the times we got together to go get something to eat. You would call my sister, "Mom, I'm hungry," and then off we go, trying to figure out where and what to eat.

I love you and miss you, Brian. You are a true hero. Rest in peace. Love you.
- Aunt Candy Thompson

One day my family was eating with Brian and Trenton at Los Charros - it was Brian's favorite place to eat. After we got done eating, my aunt and my mom were talking off and on. Brian was really in the mood to fish and he asked my aunt if she would watch Trenton so he could take her car and go fishing. She said "Sure." He asked me and my brother, Josh, if we would like to go fish with him. We said "Sure."

We took the car seat out into to my mother's car if she wanted to go some place. He took us to his house first, so he could get his fishing poles and his toolboxes. Then, we were on our way there.

There was a golf course right next to it so we had to wait a little bit so that we wouldn't get hit by golf balls. Josh caught the first fish and Brian caught the second fish. Josh kept on catching fish like he was a pro. After 6 p.m. my aunt, my mom, and Trenton came. Brian caught the next fish so that Trenton could see a really big fish. Brian let Trenton touch the fish. Trenton said "Ewwwww!"
Then, everybody left, except Brian and me. He told my aunt we weren't leaving till I caught a fish. About 30 minutes later, in the dark, he said "We need to go home." So he caught a fish for me on my pole and took my picture with it and sent it to my aunt and my mom. That was my last time I went fishing with Brian.
- Cousin Brittany Thompson

Facebook memorial page comments:
"Thank You" sounds a little shallow, after all He did for us; however, it is with deep sincerity...Thank You and God Bless.
- Carol Manning

I am so sorry to hear of a fallen officer. My son is also an officer and when I told him of this he was so very sadden by this news. These officers love what they do and they do it to protect us!! I did not know Brian, but from what I have heard we have really lost a wonderful man, officer and father/son/husband. It is so sad to lose someone this way. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who knew and loved him. God be with his family, friends and officers who worked with and knew him.
- Dianne H Darby

I was lucky enough to spend a day doing a ride along with officer Mahaffey. He gave me a tour of Conyers and told me about what it was like growing up and going to high school there and how much Rockdale had changed. We talked about family and friends and just about everything else in that 8 hour shift. I had the best time and I can truly he say he was one of Rockdale's finest. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children.
- Theresa Brown Schroeder-Langley

Cindy & Terry I know eventually you will read all these wonderful, comforting thoughts & silent prayers that have gone out to you and your family. I know that Brian was looking down and his heart soared with pride, with the support, from the community, & fellow officers. He was pleased, as he looked down & smiled.........with the service...God will get y'all thru this.... we love you
- Ann H Norris

To the Mahaffey family, friends, and fellow law enforcement family, you will continually be in my prayers. To the people of Rockdale County who showed their support, you have my gratitude. Please pray for the safety of all our first responders. Cousin of Okaloosa County Warren York EOW 4/25/09
- Kathy Antley Bubb

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this terrible time. May God Bless You and Comfort you and give you a peace that only he can give!
- Bessie Lou Wilson

May God bless and comfort this family and may happy memories carry them through this sorrowful time.
- Frances Spakes Mullins

God bless you and all of your family. With all these wonderful sentiments, it is obvious that Brian was a special person and will be remembered with love and pride.
- Charlotte Loveland Bailey

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I didn't know him personally, but was glad to be a part of the hundreds of people that lined the streets today in honor and support for him and the many men that put their lives at risk each and every day. This is a terrible tragedy, may God be with the family as they will be in our thoughts and prayers forever.
- Randy Shores

We pray for peace and strength for his family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you !
- Kathy Hogan Henderson

I did not know Brian but it is obvious he was a special man. To his family: I lost a son at age 28 just about a year ago and I know the pain you are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
- Janet Hogan Chapman

I pray for him & his family to find peace....♥
- Jessica Stearns-Smith

Praying that God provides strength for Diana and her family as well as the Mahaffeys. Thanking all the officers and attendee's for their support and the beautiful ceremony that Brian would have loved. Love Sabrina and Scott
- Sabrina Stewart

I didn't know Brian but my heart aches for his family and know that i appreciate the sacrifice and I pray for his wife and children....
- Linda Smith

May Brian RIP, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, children, his parents, brothers, the RCSO and all those who knew and loved him.
- Anna M Miller

Diana - I am praying for you today as you try to rebuild your life. May God wrap you in his arms and give you the strength and comfort you need to put one foot in front of the other.
- Yvonne Wilkerson

What an awesome memorial for this fallen officer who gave his life for the protection of our community. Rest in Peace Brian.
- Kathy Belleville

Price Rest in peace my brother
- Emmanuel O.

God bless the Mahaffey family and the men and women of the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office. No truer hero can be found than those that serve and sacrifice for their country, community, and fellow man.
- Terry Sosebee

My prayers are with all of the family members at this time. Thank you for your service Brian Mahaffey
- Rebecca Wiseman Robinson

We love you Brian and will miss you terribly. We are so very proud of you!! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends, and fellow officers.
- Beverly Austin

May God watch over Deputy Brian's family and all who loved him. He will now be watching over you. I thank God for people like him who choose to protect others.
- Sherry Mcdaniel

God be with you my brother and watch over your family.
- David Truax

Thank-you to everyone who has been posting the memorial pictures. I was busy at the church and couldn't be outside to see all of this. It has blessed my heart to see the photos of a community honoring our hero, Brian Mahaffey. XXXOOO to you Diana
- Kathy M. Ward

My prayers are with his family, God you took him to soon away from his family, now that you have him, watch over his family, protect them always, like he would do. amen
- Jerry McClain