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In defense of the recent water rate study
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: In regards to the editorial published on Jan. 19, Rockdale Water Resources and Rockdale County Water & Sewerage Authority take great pride in their financial performance over the past four years. Because RWR is a part of county government, its budget is published annually along with the county’s General Fund. As you likely know, this is required for all public agencies. A copy of the 2011 Annual Report is available at  for your review.

In anticipation of funding various projects developed in the 2020-2030 Water/Sewer Master Plan, a detailed financial plan is needed to address regulatory requirements for replacing old sewer plants and adequately maintaining the system to insure future water supply is available. Underground infrastructure, even if invisible, must be replaced when it wears out or breaks down.

Specifically, in regard to the estimated total to complete the Rate Study, $132,000 was requested to fully fund the study. This included contractual services Raftelis Consultants provided over a two-year period. This figure was comparable with the last Rate Study that Raftelis Consultants performed for Rockdale County about 15 years ago at a cost of $144,000.

It appears The News lacked the information or was misinformed about all of this based on what was written in the recent opinion column. It is for this very reason that RWR and the RCWSA are conducting a series of public seminars to educate the public regarding the genuine need for additional capital (more revenue) to sustain not only the present level of service but also to sustain these services into the future. For instance, we already have begun to speak at home owner and civic organizations.

One of the first general public information sessions will be at 6 p.m. Feb. 21 at J.P. Carr. We welcome the public’s attendance and would be happy to speak to any home or civic organization within the next three months that invites us.


Elaine Nash

Chairperson of the Rockdale