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I like the nightlife
1320025905 sunset walk

 If you aren’t freaked out by things that go bump in the night, then a twilight adventure walk is probably right up your alley. I’m down with finding bats (as long as they aren’t in my house) and frogs, but the website says you’ll also be investigating the lives of “spectacular spiders,” which is where they lost me. If they were going to spectacularly kill them with fire, I would be on board; otherwise this might be one I skip out on. However, some people aren’t wimps like me, and are interested in all the nighttime creepy crawlies. For those of you that are into that, then this sounds like it could be an interesting time. Certainly something for the dudes to enjoy, and it’s perfect for all ages. So for my ladies, send your man and your son off into the woods and go get yourself a pedicure!

Price: $5