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Husband of dismissed elections board member chosen as GOP replacement
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UPDATE:  Rockdale Republican Party Chairman Don Williamson said he had started interviewing candidates on Nov. 4, after Judge Sidney Nation had passed down the ultimatum that the board members would need to decide on the third member or be dismissed.

Williamson said the county committee, made of the party's executive board and precinct captains, interviewed several candidates. According to documents filed today at the Clerk of Courts office, that Jonny Brown was approved by a majority vote at the Nov. 11 meeting of the Rockdale GOP county committee.

"When it boiled down, Jonny Brown was the one that could put the time in," Williamson said. "That was the important part - being available to put in the time in case anything comes up. He’s been to all the meetings. If he has any question about what needs to happen, (Elections Supervisor) Cynthia (Welch) is the one that has all that information, or he can rely on Lynn."

He continued, "Because there are some looming deadlines, the call for the March 6 elections, we felt it proper so one of the members gets in there so they can have a quorum. If there is not a quorum, they can’t call the election for March 6 on time."

Nation ruled on Friday that interim third member Cary Bond was legally a member of the board.


(Nov. 14, 4:48 p.m.) IN BRIEF: The Rockdale Republican Party named Jonny Brown, the husband recently dismissed elections board member Lynn Brown, as their choice for a replacement to the elections board. The Rockdale Democratic party's nominee has not been named as of 4:30 p.m.

Rockdale County Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation had dismissed Lynn Brown and Democratic member Garvin Haynes from the elections board this past Friday for failing to come to an agreement in appointing the third at-large member of the elections board and potentially jeopardizing future elections in Rockdale County and Conyers.

Lynn Brown and Garvin Haynes were banned from being named again to the elections board for at least one term.

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