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Husband accused of kidnapping wife in Rockdale County
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CONYERS - An Atlanta resident is sitting in county jail for allegedly committing several acts of violence against his wife on two separate occasions earlier this year

According to the Conyers Police report, David Holliday Jr., 25, is being accused of punching, choking and dragging his 20-year-old wife inside and outside of her apartment located in the 1100 block of South Main Street. Holiday got into a “tussling” match with his wife’s 68-year-old grandfather.  

His charges include aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, two counts of simple battery, battery and obstructing a person from making an emergency phone call.

The first incident occurred March 27. Around 11:30 p.m., Holliday went to his wife’s apartment against his wife’s will “to finish getting some of his clothes,” according to the report. Holliday still had a key to the apartment from when he used to live there and let himself inside.  

However, he was still at the apartment around 3 a.m., and then he began to speak using obscene language towards his wife and started “looking through paperwork in the bedroom.” 

“When she told him that he could not have her paper work he became angry,” the officer wrote in the report.

At this point, Holliday went from the bedroom to living room and allegedly attacked his wife. He allegedly pulled her hair, knocked her to the floor, punched her and choked her “with both of hands around her throat.”

Her grandfather pulled Holliday off of her and they started to “wrestle,” but the grandfather stated Holiday never hit him. 

Holiday then took his wife’s phone so she couldn’t the police, stood in front of the front door and stated no one was leaving.

“He stated he would kill them if they walked outside the apartment,” according to the report. 

The following morning Holliday gave the phone back and left the premises. 

The next incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on April 14. Police showed up to the same address and found the front “had been kicked in.”

“The door frame was broken away from the door, and laying on the floor,” wrote the officer. 

Neither Holliday nor his wife was near the apartment. Police did talk to a neighbor who said she heard screaming. 

“She looked out of the window and saw a male throw a female on the ground, slap her with a belt and dragged her to the rear of the apartments into the woods,” the neighbor told the officer. “(The neighbor) stated she heard the victim… yell for DJ to stop.”

The wife was eventually located in the woods to the east side of the complex. She had “visible marks and blood coming from her mouth and lips.” The officer also noted her eyes were swollen, had blood dripping from her knee and elbow and bruises on her cheeks and neck. 

The victim stated Holliday came to her apartment uninvited again caused her injuries. 

Holliday was arrested Wednesday, May 27. He’s currently in Rockdale County Jail with a $22,000 bond for his misdemeanor charges.