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Houchard joins ARC board
Mike Houchard 1
Mike Houchard

Rockdale County resident Mike Houchard was recently elected to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Board, making him the first resident from Rockdale to serve on the private citizen panel.

 Houchard, a 41-year resident and civically active participant in the county, will represent District 6, a combination of Rockdale County and sections of East DeKalb and Southern Gwinnett counties. Of the 39 board members elected annually to represent the 10 counties and 68 cities within the Metropolitan Atlanta region, only 15 are private citizens. Chairman Richard Oden recommended Houchard, who also oversees the transportation subcommittee of the local SPLOST Oversight Committee, to the ARC for approval.

 “Chairman Oden, I want to thank you for your efforts and foresight to provide Rockdale County with the opportunity to have citizen representation at the ARC,” said Houchard. “There are a lot of challenges facing the Atlanta region, and for us to have the opportunity to directly communicate our concerns are a bonus we really appreciate.”

 “To the citizens of Rockdale and the citizens of Gwinnett and DeKalb, I will champion those interests and issues that we have to best of my ability,” Houchard said.

 “To have a regional presence is a historic moment and a landmark victory for Rockdale County,” Chairman and CEO Richard Oden said during Tuesday’s work session. “Mr. Houchard is such a vested member in our community, selecting him was an obvious choice... I know Mr. Houchard will do great things for the Commission and for Rockdale in return.”

 “This is an incredible accomplishment for Rockdale County and the entire District 6 community,” Representative Pam Dickerson (D-95) said. “My colleague, Representative Steve Davis (R-109), and I were pleased to partner with Chairman Oden to champion Mr. Houchard’s nomination.”

 Houchard will join Oden on the board beginning January 1, 2012.