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Home-grown tomatoes
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July is kind of a slow news month traditionally, and that's good for our staff to have a little break from the rush of everyday community life.

It is also becomes harder to come up with editorials.

We were searching for a subject to bring attention to and as we were flipping through reference material, there it was - the biggest and prettiest red tomato we have ever seen. Instantly our mouth began to water, a smile began to materialize and there was a low gurgle in our stomach.

It is a special time of year here in Georgia. The time we are talking about is the homegrown tomato season and the joy it brings is indescribable.

There is almost nothing that affects your taste buds like a homegrown tomato, sliced and placed between two pieces of white bread, all held together with a smattering of mayonnaise and a dash of salt and pepper - a recipe for pure heaven.
Only in the South do homegrown tomatoes taste so good. Here in the South we understand that God has blessed our region with this delicacy.

There is a country song that touts the qualities of homegrown tomatoes. One line says, "There are only two things in life that can't be bought and that is true love and homegrown tomatoes." We are certain of love at first sight - it makes the best sandwiches.

Ah, the joy of living in Georgia in the summertime.