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Heritage Homecoming Court

Heritage announced its homecoming court this week before the Oct. 16 homeocming game, where the homecoming king and queen will be crowned.

Underclassmen Representatives:

Kaylee Jenkins - 9th grade
Khalin Johnson - 10th grade
Taylor Dedrick - 11th grade
Shea Smiht - 11th grade

Senior Girls Court:

Amee Amin
Kacie Bradley
Channelle Fairweather
Arabia Umrani
Loren Stowers
Melissa Drish
Mikayla Charles
Kayla Conley
Jenna Huckaby
Cytos Owens

Senior Kings Court:

Young Shin
Tyler Austin
Bennett Mitchell
Chase Lamondo
Garry Peters
Lapaul Archer
Phillip Walters
Andrew Connors
Michale Dontfraid
Tola Faminu