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Happy Mother's Day
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Natasha Saffell

by Amya Simpson, 9 years old

I think my mom should be queen for a day because she is sweeter than chocolate. Also, she is very thankful. Whenever you give her something, she always uses her manners. Also, one thing that I love that she does everyday is tell me that she loves me. Every day that I go to school I think about how much my mom loves me.

My mom feeds me and takes care of me when I am sick. If she is at work, she comes home and if it is in the morning, she takes the day off. Without her, I would not be here because she gave birth to me. I also love her because she allows me to get a good education. This is why I think she should be queen for a day.

Aquil Johnson

by Anna Johnson, 9 years old

I think my mom should be queen for a day because she does things like love me in so many different ways. I think of my mom as a hero because she gives me good advice and she is like no other. Of course, she’s a mother like every other mother, but there is something special about the way she treats people. She treats people the way she wants to be treated. She’s never mean. She pays the bills; she cooks, cleans and works without ever complaining. She’s beautiful, like an angel from Heaven.

She’s not perfect, but she gives everybody the best she has to offer. She has a glow in her smile.

I love her, but my mother loves me even more. Sometimes, people are not nice to her, but she’s still nice to them. She always does the right thing and she makes sure we always do the right thing too. She always tells me that two wrongs do not make a right. She deserves the best because she gives her best and that’s why she should be queen for a day.

Jahada Lawrence

Tiniyah Lawrence, Age 10

My mom should be queen for a day because she is a responsible mom. She has to stay on a budget, but she is still able to get so many nice things for me and my family. My mother always tries to take me places and spend time with me. Even though my mother works a lot, she tries to make sure we don’t loose out on spending quality time with her.

I would like for my mom to get a break for herself. If she is queen for a day, then people would wait on her like she waits on us. She would finally have a day for herself where she would not have to worry about us or work or anything that happens in the day.

She is the coolest mom I know and I think she should be the queen.

Victoria King

Sparkle Sandifer, 10 years old

I think my mom should be queen for a day because she is one of the best moms a person could have. She is also very good because she is always working towards her highest potential and she is nice to everybody she meets.

A queen is supposed to be nice and carry a lot of weight (for their country) on their shoulders. This is what my mom is like. She is nice and has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. She provides and cares for me and my two sisters. She also has a full time job. And even after working, she comes home cooks, cleans, checks homework, and makes sure we have everything we need. She is very smart, very helpful and she tells a lot of jokes. She is also fun to be around. Sometimes she takes us to the park and we go skating too. My mom is the best mom ever.

Josefina Placido

Gerardo Aviles, 10 years old

All my life, I have been so wonderful. This is because of the number one person in my life, my mom. She is an awesome, special Latina woman who was born on March 19. She is special because she is very honest. She never lies. Some people say that they always tell the truth, but I have never heard my mom lie to me or anybody.

She is very helpful with our dance group at the Boys & Girls Club. If anybody asks for help, she is right there. She makes sure the girls are dressed properly and that they know their routine.

She is also a hair stylist. When she does people’s hair, it comes out perfect. Everybody is always happy with their hairstyle. She will take good care of you.

My mom cleans very good. She is very neat and our house is always clean. She loves surprises and gifts and I will give her everything I have.

My mom does not know English very well, but she is a fast learner because I teach her everything I learn. She is very special to me and I want her to communicate with everybody so they could see how special she is too.

My mom is the best. I love you Mom and you are my queen everyday.

Yvette Myton-Johnson

Kayla Runcie, 11 years old

Do you know what the definition of mom is? It’s someone who birthed you, cares for you and someone you can depend on. A mom is supposed to be your best friend. Just like a friend you may not always agree with your mom, but you will still have love and respect for her.

A mom is not just a best friend, but she is also the number one person you can count on. The letters stand for: Most Observant Mind. It means that for your whole life, your mother will observe you. She will know your favorite color, you favorite food, your habits, your likes and dislikes. She will be able to answer every question about you and you won’t even know how. But moms observe you from the day you are born. And we only observe them one day a year. My mom deserves to be queen everyday.

Denesha Long

Cameron Gregory, 11 years old

My mom is very special. She is a very kind-hearted person. She always shows me and my family that she cares for us in all types of ways. She always spends quality time with us and she always puts her family first. I am very blessed to have her as a mother.

When you need a person to talk to, my mom is always there to help. She is not the judgmental type of person and she is down to earth. She is also very loyal. Even though I am her son, she always listens to both sides of a story. She tells me when I am wrong, but she supports me when I am right. I think she is an angel. I think God must really like me because he blessed me with my mom.

Sometimes when we are driving around, we see a homeless person. My mom prays for that person. She is so special and I could not have asked for a better mom.

Jill Fludd

Kiana Fludd, 10 years old

My mom is special because she is really smart. She is smart because of the things that she does for our family. She does our taxes. She can help me with my 6th grade math homework.

She is just as funny too. She can turn something so aggravating into something so hilarious. My mom will help any one smile, especially if you are in a time that really needs help. She is my hero.

She is nice. You know how someone can be mean sometimes and nice sometimes. My mom is nice all the time. She is nice to everyone she meets or come into contact with.

My mom is an incredible person to me and I’m sure everyone else. I can’t really go into depth on this paper, but one day I hope to be able to let everyone see how I feel. She is funny, intelligent, and kind. An amazing woman like her should not just be Queen for a Day, she should be a queen everyday.

Arachell Williams

Gabrielle Lewis-Hardwick

My mom, Arachell Williams should be Queen for a Day because she is a single mom and takes care of two children. She works eight hours a day and still have time to do stuff for herself. My mom doesn’t get a lot, and what ever she does she does for her kids, she puts time aside to be there for what ever we need. If we need something at school she will be there. Mrs. Williams is the best mom in this world. If you pick anyone you should pick her. It would mean a lot to her.