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Grinch named to RCSO's Most Wanted list

Since Thanksgiving Day, the RCSO has received several reports of an unknown subject attempting to steal Christmas decorations and Christmas presents throughout Rockdale County.

RCSO deputies were dispatched to investigate, but were unable to locate a suspect at the time. The RCSO Criminal Intelligence Unit has received credible information that the suspect is attempting to "steal Christmas," but has also identified the suspect as the "Grinch."

The most recent cases have been turned over to the RCSO Criminal Investigations Bureau, which has assigned some of its best investigators to begin tracking down the location of the Grinch.

According to RCSO investigators, the Grinch was identified as a suspect through video surveillance at one of the theft locations.

The Grinch is described as male, green in color, approximately 6' tall, weighing approximately 220 lbs., beady yellow and red eyes.

According to RCSO investigators, the Grinch was wearing a red Santa outfit in the video. The RCSO reports that the Santa outfit is possibly fake or stolen and is working with North Pole investigators to determine if any authentic Santa uniforms are missing.

The Grinch was last seen fleeing the scene in a red sleigh with no tag. The RCSO has reason to believe that the Grinch may be using a small brown in color dog with antlers strapped to his head to make the dog look like a reindeer.

Arrest warrants for the Grinch have been secured for criminal attempt to steal Christmas, operating a sleigh without a tag, impersonating Santa Claus, and cruelty to animals.

"I want everyone to know that we are taking the attempt to steal Christmas very seriously and I have ordered all of the men and women of the RCSO to locate the Grinch and take him into custody," said Sheriff Eric J. Levett. "I take crime in this county personally especially since the threat is to steal Christmas. The Grinch is now RCSO's Most Wanted fugitive. The RCSO will work hard to get the Grinch into custody so all the citizens of Rockdale County can enjoy Christmas."