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Go Bulldogs
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Dear Editor: For the first time in a long time Rockdale County has something to be proud of. Our Bulldogs started the season off with a bang and within just a couple of games, it seemed like our season would end before it began. But then the tides turned… it wasn’t over yet!

Our boys were resilient, winning game after game; most of them on the road, and making this parent of a player proud of the team and coaches who were committed to making Friday night high school football the best it’s ever been! Weekend after weekend, we were thrilled to watch our kids play. We saw them become a team, pulling together when they needed to in order to make it to the playoffs.

The Bulldogs have come farther than any other team in RCHS history and this county should be proud of how they represented not only the high school, but their parents and county. Our boys played with heart and conviction and with the utmost respect for their teammates, the game, the opposing team and the officials; even when calls weren’t made that should have been, they held their heads high and made history.

My son graduates this year and I won’t get to see those Friday night games any longer and I can honestly say that I will miss watching this team. Having had three children at RCHS, I can hold my head high as my last one leaves this school because I know we’re leaving with a record that someone’s going to have to work hard to beat! Rockdale is going to be a team to be contended with in the future, and when we do make it to the Georgia Dome, this is one parent that will buy a ticket and sit in the stands and think back on the season we had in 2009 and wonder… what if?

I am proud of the coaches, the managers, our band and cheerleaders for the endless road trips and support but I am proudest of those boys who rose to the occasion and brought something positive back to Rockdale County. Go Bulldogs!

Peggy Sigwald

Parent of Logan Sigwald, No. 14

Rockdale County