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Garden of the Week
A look at local gardens and gardeners
When Bernice King and her husband built their home in the Flat Shoals area more than 40 years ago, she began planting bulbs in the yard shortly after. "I just like flowers in general," she explained. "It goes back since I was a child. My mother had flowers everywhere and it rubbed off a bit."

Now, when she isn't battling pesky blossom munching deer, she sits back and enjoys the fruits of her labor, including a variety of irises.

"I love to watch them grow and bloom," said King. "I try to have something blooming in the spring and summer and fall."

Her favorite plant in the yard is the hibiscus plant, which she's had for more than 30 years.

"It relaxes you when you're out walking among your flowers," she said, explaining her appreciation of gardening. "I really enjoy it."