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Funeral or family reunion?
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Sad but true. Most people will spend money to purchase an airline ticket and take time off from work to attend the funeral services and ceremony to pay their last respects to a family member or friend. However, the same people will not make the same sacrifice to fellowship with family and friends during the planned family reunion. Why is this?

I'd rather you see me alive, well and in living color than to have you standing over me and I not know you’re there. I'd also like to know that you desire to fellowship with me so much that you would go out of your way and make the sacrifice to invest in a plane ticket to travel several miles to spend some quality time with me where I can hug and kiss you and create even more memories.

I may just choose not to attend another funeral of a friend or family member simply because I prefer to remember them the last time I saw them (just the way they were). Attending a funeral has always been a respectable or the respectful, family thing to do. I'm beginning to see life a lot differently. All things traditional are not always healthy or wholesome.

Yes, please don't misunderstand me. There are many home folks, family and friends I'd drive miles to pay my last respect to. However, I've decided to put more effort, time and resources into fellowshipping with warm, live bodies as often as I can, if at all possible.

I'm only trying to provoke thought in your mind as well. As this summer progresses and you plan your vacations or family reunions, consider going out of your way to see a friend or family member rather than to view a friend or family member.

One more time, what sense does it makes to spend time and money to see someone (dead) who doesn't know you’re there verses making the same investment towards those (alive) you can hug, kiss, give a high five or a fist bump to.

If I'm taking time off from work to come see you, I want you to know I'm there. This is just my take on all of this and another way of looking at life.

Funeral or family reunion? You decide.

Oz Nesbitt, Sr. is the Post I Commissioner for Rockdale County.