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Fresh choice with Green House at Glenns
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The start of a new year brings a new endeavor for the folks at Glenn's Bar-B-Que with the unveiling of an organic eatery in their Old McDonough Highway location.

Inspired by a personal change toward a healthier lifestyle for owner Glenn Yontz Jr., Green House @ Glenn's will offer wholesome, fresh sandwiches, soups and salads beginning next week. The lunchtime eatery is located at the entrance to the existing BBQ restaurant and features a unique and quirky atmosphere. The warm, earthy spirit in the decor is the same attitude Yontz used to build his latest culinary creations.

"I have a better life because of God and he has given me some abilities to see life differently," Yontz said, adding that the inspiration for Green House stemmed from healthy lifestyles changes he went through last year. "We are getting back to the basics with fresh food that is farm-grown, healthy and made fresh every day."

Green House @ Glenn's is self-described as "Synergy at its perfection - working with God's natural gifts of the land combined with the gift of creating wholesome foods to please many palates."

And add a slice of uniqueness to that with a menu of deli-style salads, soups and sandwiches designed to be "sustainable" meals under 500 calories. The menu items are made fresh daily and, with a minimal seating area, most customers will likely chose "glorified take-out," as Yontz put it.

"My goal is to get to a point where it is ‘super organic,'" Yontz said this week while making final preparations before the eatery opens the week of Jan 21. "We are aiming to offer something along the lines of a healthier lifestyle, which I believe is unique to Conyers."

The menu items are surprisingly creative and aesthetically appealing with a selection including: Roasted Cauliflower Nut Salad, Black Olive Ravioli, Grilled Tofu Sprouted Panzanella, and Mushrooms and Scallions Frittata.

Green House will also be offering four varieties of smoothies as well as other healthy beverages as an addition to each meal.

On Monday, Glenn and Jean Yontz, who is his mother and business partner, are also rolling out an updated menu for their original restaurant Glenn's Bar-B-Que. Touted as more "price-conscious," the new menu still carries all of the old favorites but at a budget-friendly cost.

"We have a great staff, some of whom have been here since we re-opened in 2009, and they are eager for the change and eager to see the positive impact," Glenn Yontz said.

The menu can be viewed at, or contact the restaurant at (678) 593-6155.