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Four arrested for trafficking cocaine
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Four men were arrested early Monday morning near the area of 1522 Pine Log Rd. for trafficking of cocaine and possession of Methamphetamine.

Two Rockdale County Sheriff's Deputies were walking around a local bar at around 2:42 a.m. in reference to previous incidents when they noticed a Toyota Camry containing four males move from one parking space to another in a dark area.

The two officers approached the vehicle, noticing on the way that the front two males started to mess with something in the middle console. One of the deputies also noticed the driver reaching toward the dash area and the two rear passengers lean between the front seats and set something in the middle console area.

While the deputy spoke with the driver, Osbaldo Lara, he noticed several pieces of white plastic bag around the middle console, along with small amount of white powdery substance on the middle console area near the pieces of plastic.

The deputy then asked the driver out of the vehicle and searched him and the three passengers, Julian Fernandez, Juan Alfonso and Eliseo Chavez.

After no contraband or weapons were found on the four men, the saw inside the vehicle empty pill bottles and a bag tied off that appeared to contain an unknown substance.

After searching the pill bottles, it was discovered they contained four pieces of a white substance that appeared to be pieces of crack cocaine.

The deputies then searched the vehicle, finding a white bag with pieces torn off and a large piece of crack cocaine, a larger sum of crack cocaine, in a medium size plastic zip-lock baggie under the console near the gear shifter.
The deputy then placed all four subjects in handcuffs.

The four were then taken to the Rockdale County jail where Lara asked why they were being arrested. After the deputy answered yes, Lara asked if they were all being arrested for that charge, and was told yes.

Lara then, "just shook his head and said ok, because we all put in money to buy the drugs and I didn't want to be the only one getting in to trouble for them.