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First responders
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The recent storms and floods in Rockdale County were devastating to those who were affected.

As we stated last week, we saw and heard of acts of courage and compassion and unflagging hours of selfless service as neighbors have rallied to help one another.

We particularly want to applaud the actions of our first responders - firefighters, deputies, officers, rescue personnel, communications, emergency medical, animal rescue folks - and the civil servants and citizens who acted as first responders during this time.

They were there, they were helpful, they were courteous and they were prepared to do whatever it took to get the job done.

We are told that adversity sometimes brings out the best in people. We saw that in Rockdale County last week. The truth is we expected nothing less from a people who have pride in their community. We ourselves are proud to be a part of that special energy that makes Rockdale County a fantastic place to live and work.