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Filming policy approved for Conyers
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Estimates on dollars spent in the local economy by film/TV productions:

FAST & FURIOUS FIVE MOVIE (filmed 2010) - about $4.4 million dollars spent in Conyers-Rockdale over 11 months.

AMERICAN REUNION MOVIE (filmed 2011) - about $2 million dollars spent in Conyers-Rockdale over 10 months while filming in Olde Town Conyers, Heritage and Salem High Schools, Costley Mill Park, GIHP and surrounding areas.

IDENTITY THIEF MOVIE (filmed 2012) - about $90,000 during their 2 month stay here while filming in Olde Town Conyers, Costley Mill Road, and surrounding areas.

THE FOLLOWING PILOT FOR FOX TV SERIES (filmed 2012) - approximately $100,000 spent during their 3 month stay here while filming at Salem Gate Shopping Center and surrounding areas.

PRISONERS MOVIE (filmed 2012 & 2013) - about $4 million dollars spent during 11 month stay

ENDLESS LOVE MOVIE 2013 - about $120,000 over 2.5 months

Source: Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council 


A policy outlining the application process, fees, and time requirements designed to reduce the impact of film productions on local businesses and residents was unanimously approved by Conyers City Council on Wednesday.

The city's Chief Operating Officer David Spann emphasized that this policy was a starting point. The city hoped to eventually move towards an ordinance but didn't want to have to change a law multiple times while adjustments were being made.

"We want our policy to say we'd love to have you come, but guess what, you need to do it on our terms," said Spann. Preserving public safety was paramount and so was allowing businesses to continue operating, he said.

The policy was formed with a committee made of Conyers Public Relations Director Jennifer Edwards, businessman and city councilman Vince Evans, Conyers Police Sgt. Guy Sanders, Main Street Conyers Director Monica Coffin, Rockdale-Conyers Camera Ready Liaison Gina Hartsell, and with input from Olde Town businesses and residents. The committee looked at policies in Covington, Newnan and Roswell as examples.

Hartsell said the policy and committee aimed to be fair to the city, businesses, residents and production companies.

"We have to let the film and TV industry know we're on board with them being here and spending their money here," Hartsell said. She pointed out many of the larger film productions pumped millions into the local economy during their stay.

Some of the main points of Conyers' new policy include:

- Filming permits will be required for any shoots that are longer than five minutes

- The applications are due 21 days before the start of filming, with subsequent permits for additional episodes or scenes due five days before filming. Permits that are submitted less than five days before the filming date will be subject to approval by the City Manager or his/her representative.

- Affected businesses and residents will need to be notified five days before the start of the activity.

- In the Olde Town residential area, filming will be allowed between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. weekdays and Sundays, and 7 a.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

- Fees for street closures are $150 per street per day for films and $50 per street per day for films. Fees for parking spaces are $25 per space on Center Street/Main Street/Commercial Street/Railroad Street. No more than 50 percent of the parking spaces will be used for film equipment parking.

- Sidewalks and facilities must still be ADA compliant

Many of these requirements came from learning experiences with past productions. Spann described how the city had to track down the production company for "Endless Love" for damage that had been left behind.

The city's policy is separate from the agreements production companies make with individual businesses and residents, he added.