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Fighting family violence with faith
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The East Gate Breakfast, held Jan. 26, featured guest speaker Rockdale County State Court Judge Nancy Bills, who presented important information on domestic violence with faith based community leaders from all over the county. 

She discussed their roles when dealing with domestic violence, and shared resources for them to use. 

“We’re coming to the faith based community because you’re in a unique position. You may very well have both the victim and the perpetrator in your congregation.  You have to handle the situation in a way to make sure the victim is safe and the perpetrator is held accountable,” said Bills, who chairs the Family Violence Task Force. She provided participants with posters, brochures, and handouts that provided more information on resources in the community as well as tips on how to handle those kind of situations.    

Both the Sherriff Eric Levett and Commission Chairman Richard Oden were present as well. 

“Family domestic violence is one of those crimes that seem to be an isolated crime,” said Levett. “People who are involved in the midst of domestic violence don’t reach out the way that they should and don’t think there is anyone to help. I encourage people involved in domestic violence to seek help early. Contact us. We’re here to help mediate the situation and provide the resources you need.”

Debbie Hogg, founder of East Gate, encouraged the leaders to exchange contact information and stay connected. She stressed the importance of working together, “We can do so much more when we pull our resources and work together as one large effort, instead of a lot of small efforts.”

East Gate is a non-profit organization that works to connect various nonprofit organizations with churches in the community. 

The next East Gate Breakfast will be on Saturday, April 27 at 9:30 a.m., location to be announced. For more information email Debbie Hogg at