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Family argument turns into shooting
Anthony Harden

A family argument nearly turned deadly Saturday night after a stepfather fired multiple shots at his stepsons, wounding one of them, according to Rockdale County Sheriff's Office reports.

The suspect, Anthony Harden, 41, and his wife had reportedly returned home from a night out at dinner and a friend's house and picked up the wife's twin sons, who had reportedly gone out to a Waffle House after getting into an argument with their older brother. An argument ensued in the car and the twins reportedly got out of the car and walked the rest of the way home.
When they arrived home, another argument between Harden and the boys broke out.

One deputy wrote in a report, "(Harden) had gotten in a verbal altercation because the boys were acting out and being disrespectful. He stated it got to the point they began threatening Mr. Harden. Mr. Harden stated he was in fear because he did not know what the boys could do to him. He stated he went to his bedroom to get his gun, then returned to the room."
Harden reportedly fired multiple shots, hitting one of the twins.

The deputy continued in the report, "He said he knew he should not have done that, but the twins just kept pushing him and he just could not take it any more."

At least eight deputies arrived at the home, just off of Ga. Highway 20, around 11 p.m. in response to a call of a person shot. The first deputy on the scene found Harden sitting on the ground with a black semi-automatic gun nearby and ordered Harden and another female in the street to lie on the ground at gunpoint.

Harden, along with other witnesses, reportedly identified himself as the shooter.

The scene became more chaotic as additional family members came out of the house.

The older brother of the victim and the twin brother of the victim were reportedly ordered at gunpoint by deputies to lie on the ground as well. They reportedly began getting up and attempting to go back inside the house and were put into handcuffs and placed into patrol cars. One of the brothers reportedly received abrasions as a result.

Harden was also put into handcuffs and reportedly received abrasions on his face in the process.

Two bystanders, area residents who were described as family friends, were also standing nearby and began to become agitated at the scene and were put into handcuffs.

Inside the house, deputies reportedly found the victim bleeding with a wound in his arm, being tended to by his mother and grandmother. Emergency medical personnel arrived and the victim was reportedly taken to Grady Hospital.

Harden was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The older brother, Charles Ramusan, 20, was arrested and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers. One of the bystanders, Efrain Torrez, 19, was arrested and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers.