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Fake grenade causes brief alarm at JH House
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A World War II relic brought for a history lesson Wednesday at JH House Elementary caused momentary alarm until law enforcement confirmed it was a fake.

According to Rockdale County Public Schools spokesperson Cindy Ball, a fifth grade student had asked her teacher if she could bring a historical, WWII artifact that had been in her famly to share with her classmates, who were learning about WWII.

"She said 'Sure that’d be great,'" said Ball.

But when the student pulled the item out of her bag, the teacher realized it appeared, from the outside, to be a grenade.

As a precaution, the students were taken to the gymnasium until law enforcement could arrive to inspect the item.

"It was a hollowed out practice grenade, made for soldiers to practice throwing them," explained Ball. "It was never a real grenade... It was just a communication error."

The students came back to the classroom less than 10 minutes later and resumed their lessons.