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Your reaction to "Running out of options: Second Hopkins child passing shows urgency of medical marijuana debate"

Fiona Crocker Golden: This state needs to wake up and get educated. It's a freakin plant. If it can help medically and save lives than use it like OTHER plants that are used for meds.

Keisha Long Cornwell: Wow, this is so sad. Pass the bill GA!!!

Holly B. Powell: It only helps- it isn't about getting high, it is about getting relief. People hear that "M" word and just go ballistic. Never mind people suffering and dying.

Keisha Long Cornwell: Holly B. Powell Exactly!!!

Rachel Ridling: Prayers for them!

Laura Smith: Legalize oil this poor family and others who suffer shame on our government

Robert Cohen: A sad story. Here I hope Georgia will pass a law to help all the people that have this prooblem. As soon. As loadable.

Nicohl Shelton Webb: My heart aches for this family and their loss! I hope and pray they are able to get the treatment that their children need!

Jane Clark Sims: What a shame that this family has to move away from their home because the law makers here are so backwards!!

Brandy Wilson: I cannot pray enough for this family, ga lawmakers are so backwards that they can't even see these children who need treatment and that the treatment really does work.

Beverly Reed Blackwell: This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. God Bless this family.

Traci Gilliam Barlow: That's why our lawmakers need to pass the law to give this family some relief. To lose a child is heart-wrenchingly unbearable, but to lose two because a drug that would help them is unavailable in our state......I cannot even bear to imagine what this family is going through. God bless them and their remaining children. May he give them peace and comfort during this time of grief.

TerriandRon Mast: This family is special to our family for many years. You will never meet anyone more generous loving and have dedicated their whole lives to the care of their children . We will miss them but understand their need to move away to get the help they need. May God Bless them and comfort them and give them the strength needed for this move. Shame on you Ga. For not educating yourself to the seriousness of this bill. Love you Kelli and Mike!

Christy Straight Dyer: Ridiculous that they have to pack up and move to get the treatment they need.

Janet O'Melia: Praying that this state changes this ludicrous law against medical cannabis!

Connie McClendon Langley: Prayers for this family.

Jim Williamson: What a shame for Georgia, time to step up and demand relief for these people, this is not the 60s

Cassie Bentley Drake: GA needs to get it together! There are children suffering!! Methadone is legal and Cannabis oil is not!! Really?!?