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Eggs-traordinary Eggs
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Spring is finally here and a sure sign of it was Rockdale County 4-H Annual Egg Decorating contest. Each year students in grades 5-8 are invited to show off their creativity by entering their creations in the contest. The challenge is to hollow out a real egg without breaking it. Then students must choose which category they would like to enter and then create their own designs for their eggs based on the category. Submissions ranged from the entire cast of a Star Wars movie to kings and queens to an egg dressed as Sherlock Holmes. The 5th Grade winners of this year's contest are:


Old Yolks

1st Place Nyah Collins, SCE, Watkins

2nd Place Olivia Gibson, LES, Davis

3rd Place Gwen Cothran, HCE, Choens


4-H Theme

1st Place Shamira Barnes, SES, Dozier

2nd Place Tanner Fredderick, LES, Schumacher

3rd Place Daniel Vasquez, JHH, Henning


Royal Family

1st Place Juana Olguin, JHH, Blackwell

2nd Place McKenzie Boland, LES, Newman


Eggs in Uniform

1st Place Marquise Jones, FSE, English

2nd Place Hannah Duran, SCE, K. Addams


Super Hero

1st Place Collin Hembree, BES, O’Keefe

2nd Place Robert Sims, CJH, Lewis

3rd Place Seth Bailey, Home School



1st Place Kevin Baeza, JHH, Henning

2nd Place Eryk Ryals, CJH, Lewis

3rd Place Trenton Kelly, SES, Hurst

The middle school winner is Stephen Bailey, a Home Schooler who created a portrait of himself blacksmithing with his egg.