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Editorial: Innovation
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Earlier this week, our local hospital, Rockdale Medical Center, uncovered a time capsule that had been placed in the walls in 1990, 25 years ago. To give some perspective, a baby born at that time is now able to rent a car.

It truly was a trip down memory lane. You can see pictures on our front page and read about it in today's edition.

In addition to the friends and faces who have moved on and those who are still part of the hospital community, the time capsule served as a reminder of how far we've come in that time and how rapidly the world has changed.

The '90s were a period of rapid growth in the community, and ushered in the communication and internet age. That year - 1990 - was truly a turning point, setting up the world we know today.

But more importantly, the medical advances and best practices that have come since then have helped saved lives that could not have been saved before.

Rockdale Medical Center continues to grow and improve with the opening of their newest development - the Percutaneous Coronary Intervention program and $2.56 million catheterization lab. This lab and these services mean stroke and heart attack patients will no longer have to face a 30 minute or more drive to Atlanta. With cardiac disease, every minute is precious.

We applaud the continued innovation of our local hospital and look forward to seeing what comes in the next 25 years.