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Dwight to go before Superior Court in DeKalb
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After serving 800 days in jail, Rockdale County resident Nathan Dwight was given a $25,000 bond on Wednesday.

A day after a DeKalb County majistrate judge bounded his 2009 carjacking case over to Supreme Court, Judge Daniel Coursey granted the bond. Dwight's family hopes to hae the bond ready in time to have him home for his first Thanksgiving in three years.

Dwight was released from a life sentence in Rockdale County in October after being arrested on charges of armed robbery in Rockdale County and carjacking in Dekalb back in 2009.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old, appeared in front of a DeKalb County Magistrate judge for a motion hearing on the alleged carjacking of Ashley Leggett.

DeKalb County detective Michael Hellerman described the night of Aug. 7 when the carjacking reportedly occurred, and how Leggett identified her attacker as a black male around 5-foot-7, 150 pounds with a dark shirt and a scar or birthmark on his face. Hellerman also told the judge that the stolen car, a 1995 white Chevy Corsica was found at the Iris Glenn Apartments in Rockdale, the home of Dwight.

Defense attorney Scott DePlonty asked Hellerman if he knew of Dwight's roommate, Steven Hillman, and if he had a scar. Hellerman said he did know of Hillman, and "from what I can recall he does have a scar or birth mark on his face."

DePlonty then asked Hellerman about the other items taken from Leggett's car such as her purse with license, birth certificate, social security card, and two cell phones.

When asked by the defense, Hellerman said he did not see any of those items in the possession of Dwight.

DePlonty also brought before the judge, by asking Hellerman if he spoke to Brenda Minkof, that Brenda said Dwight was at her house during the time of the alleged crime.

"Did Brenda inform you that when the incident occurred, Mr. Dwight was at her house, in fact he was asleep on her couch?" DePlonty asked, to a response from yes by Hellerman.

For closing arguments, DePlonty told Judge Abbey Taylor that Rockdale County Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation granted a retrial in Dwight's armed robbery case. He then told her that Nation discredited Leggett as a witness and the retrial was dismissed on Oct. 18 in Rockdale County.

Taylor, however, said the two cases were not related.

"I'm not sure how that goes toward probable cause in my case," Taylor asked DePlonty.

The state then said that the case should be heard by a jury, and it was a case for superior court.

Taylor than bound the case over to superior court, and Dwight will appear or a bond hearing in DeKalb County Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.