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'Drug ring' bust nets 6 arrests, guns, drugs
The items siezed during Tuesday's drug bust by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office - photo by Submitted Photo

Six people were arrested, and drugs, guns and cash seized, in a major Rockdale County Sheriff's Office raid against an alleged "drug distribution ring" in Lakeview Estates June 3.

"We got drugs [and] guns off the street," said RCSO Cpl. Michael Camp, describing the raid on three homes in the Sunrise Trailer Park.

The raid followed a seven-month investigation sparked by resident tips, Camp said. Methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills were among the drugs seized. The guns included an AR-15 assault rifle, but none appear to be stolen or illegal.

A seventh man also faces drug charges following a conversation with deputies at a nearby home after the raid. The man asked deputies for a cigarette from a bag containing meth, according to Camp.

A large RCSO team, including the SWAT Team, executed simultaneous search warrants just before 7 a.m. on June 3 at 16 Armour Drive, 9 Landola Drive and 84 Presidential Circle.

"We hit all the locations at the same time," Camp said. "They were all related to each other as part of a drug distribution ring in the county."

"We didn't recover a huge amount" of drugs, Camp said, adding that RCSO has yet to weigh the various bags. But RCSO believes the homes served as a regular distribution point for drugs.

RSCO also has not yet tallied up the cash, much of which was in the form of $100 and $20 bills. "It's safe to say it was several thousand dollars," Camp said.

Everyone at the homes, including a 16-year-old boy, ended up arrested on various charges. The raids went smoothly with no resistance, and there were no small children in any of the homes, Camp said.

The arrests and items seized were as follows:

-16 Armour Drive: RCSO seized cash and alleged meth and marijuana. Arrested: Victor Alfonso Cerato, 29, on charges of meth possession with intent to distribute, and possession of under 1 ounce of marijuan; and Katie Marie Fitzpatrick, 22, of 2117 Amhert Trail, Conyers, on a charge of meth possession.

At this address, RCSO also recovered a Honda Civic reported stolen last year in Rockdale. No one is charged with that theft at this time, Camp said.

-9 Landola Drive: RCSO seized alleged cocaine, meth and marijuana, along with an AR-15 assautl rifle. Arrested: Raul Alverez, 26; and a 16-year-old male juvenile. Both are charged with possession of cocaine, meth and marijuana with intent to distribute.

-84 Presidential Circle: RCSO seized alleged meth and a "large amount of prescription pills," including Xanax and Soma, along with two rifles and two handguns. Arrested: Pamela Darlene Walker, 48; and Vincente Garcia Gomez, 57. Both are charged with sale and possession of meth with intent to distribute; and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

After the raid, RCSO deputies went to several other local homes that, Camp said, also drew attention during their investigation, but where they did not have enough evidence for search warrants. At those homes, they knocked on the door to talk with anyone there.

At 32 Crossland Drive, resident Nelson Leigh Adams, 50, answered the door. RCSO ran his name and discovered he was wanted on an outstanding warrant in another county, Camp said.

While under arrest, Adams "asked for a cigarette out of this bag. He wanted a cigarette before he went to jail," said Camp, who was on the scene. "We opened the bag, and there was methamphetamine."

"He basically said, ‘Y'all were just going to search it anyway.' No, we wouldn't have," Camp said, adding it appeared to be "personal use" amount.

Adams faced still more legal trouble when he arrived at the Rockdale County Jail and allegedly was found to have more meth hidden in his sock.